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This includes guitar tutors and coaching software, guitar & amplifier emulators, reference tools and more. You will find tablature software in the Tablature category and software to slow down guitar solos in the Slow Down Music category. Software to tune your guitar can be found in the Instrument Tuners category and specialized chord software in the Chords category. Software designed specifically for bass guitar players can be found in the Bass Guitar category.

If you are new to the guitar then check out this guide on where you can also get all the latest news, and see the best Guitar Effects Software reviewed there as well. If you're looking for a good guitar to learn on then take a look at these parlor guitars.

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Guitarist 1.0

Complete guitar track creation plugin with Amp modeling [AU/VST]

Open Guitar v1.0

Emulation of the beautiful sound of arpeggiated guitar chords in the first position of the fretboard (hence the "open" strings sound). [VST]

Aura Pro v1.01 X

Virtual guitar amplifier. [AU/VST]

Dammit Distortion v1.3

Guitar distortion plug-in. [VST]

ChordBook v3.3

Provides chord lookup and diagraming for guitar in standard or alternate tuning

What's That Guitar?

Wallpaper app with a preset collection of 40 beautiful, abstract photographs of details of Quality Guitars.

Nick Crow 8505 Lead v1.0

Tube Guitar Amplifier. [VST]

Fret Specs v4.0

Program will calculate measurements for custom scale lengths or choose from many standard scale lengths.

Pocket Jamz GuitarTabs 2.3

Professional guitar tabs on the go.

MMultiBandDistortion v8.04

Versatile distortion plug-in designed mainly for guitars and synths but, due to its multiband core, it can be used on any track or even applied to the whole mix. [VST/AU]

Aura Pro v1.01

Virtual guitar amplifier. [VST]

Chord Warrior

Guitar chords learning software

Tabs, Lyrics & Chords 2.0

Tab and lyric editor and database with built-in recorder and CD player

Jimi Tutor v1.24

Jimi Tutor is a guitar tuition app for Android

eMedia Guitar Method

Demo of the world's best-selling beginner's guitar CD-ROM tutorial.

RS Aqua Marine VST v1.0

Virtual guitar stomp box. [VST]

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