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This includes guitar tutors and coaching software, guitar & amplifier emulators, reference tools and more. You will find tablature software in the Tablature category and software to slow down guitar solos in the Slow Down Music category. Software to tune your guitar can be found in the Instrument Tuners category and specialized chord software in the Chords category. Software designed specifically for bass guitar players can be found in the Bass Guitar category.

If you are new to the guitar then check out this guide on where you can also get all the latest news, and see the best Guitar Effects Software reviewed there as well. If you're looking for a good guitar to learn on then take a look at these parlor guitars.

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Studio Devil British Valve Custom v1.2

Guitar tube amplifier modeling plug-in. [VST/AU/RTAS]

Fretboard Trainer v1.2

Helps guitarists learn the guitar fretboard notes quickly and easily using lessons and exercises performed on a virtual fretboard.

PhazOsc v1.0

Phase Distortion Synth. [VST]

Chords v1.5

Free MIDI playback and sheet music notation editor.

GuitarRx Riff Practice App v0.5.0

GuitarRx turns your android smart phone into a mobile guitar riff hub that will help you practice.

Dire Straits Virtual Backing Player 1.02

Dire Straits backing track, bass and drums player

LeXTAC v1.0

Inspired by a Californian boutique amplifier. [VST]

Guns n Roses Virtual Backing Player 1.02

Guns n Roses backing track, bass and drums player.

RockOut - Guitar 1.0.1

Virtual guitar for Android phones

Light Guitar v1.0

Reproduces the behavior of the Light Guitar, a musical instrument that uses light to make music, and allows you to easily customize the sound of the instrument by adjusting various parameters. [AU]

gx_head 0.14.0

An amp head interface, a tuner, a mono rack and a stereo rack.

BIG v1.0.1

Tweakable bass amp and effects suite. [VST]

GuitarRx v1.2

GuitarRx is an iOS app designed to help you practicing some of the most popular guitar riffs.

Rock Prodigy HD 1.3

Guitar Learning: Hears the notes and chords you play and provides instant feedback to accelerate learning

Blister v1.0

By combining tube-style gain, bit crushing and a synthesizer that detects your signal frequency, Blister barfs out a stew of noisy, atonal junk along with a variable amount of your original signal. [VST]

RS ReQuire VST v1.0

Virtual guitar stomp box. [VST]

Led Zeppelin Virtual Backing Player

A Led Zeppelin backing track, bass and drums player

Amp-O-Matic v1.0

Guitar gear emulation soundskin for the Chameleon.

Red Shift Pickup Replacer v1.0.7

Allows you to replace the tone of your guitar's pickup with a huge list of alternatives and provides you the versatility you need without having to spend money on several guitars. [VST]

BOSS Pedal Sketch 2.0.1

Save your BOSS pedal settings and import sounds

Preampus Brain v1.0

Designed to produce a vintage British tone. [VST]

RS Recrate VST v1.0

Virtual guitar stomp box. [VST]

Knuckle Head v1.0

Capable of tones that range from sweet, glistening cleans to SRV and Yardbirds style smokin' hot crunch right through to punishing high gain destruction. [VST]

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