MP3 to WAV - here's how!

MP3 conversion can be easily achieved!


MP3s are great for transferring files, but when you want to use them in your music you will most likely need to convert them to wave (Windows) or aiff (Macintosh) first. Although there isn't much to the process of decompressing these files, the procedure isn't as commonplace and could use a little explanation. There are many programs available that can do this conversion, but I have chosen two that I think have the greatest potential. The first, Winamp, is in very wide use and this is a great way to expand it usefulness. The second program, Shuffler Music Convertor is much lesser known but it is very powerful indeed. If you wish to find a different program, stop by the Shareware Music Machine or the Sonic Spot and see if they have anything that tickles your fancy. If you are a mac user, there are two plug-ins for MPLAY, one for MP3-wav and the other for MP3-aiff, which give you the same functionality as that of Winamp -- check it out.


In order to turn Winamp into an MP3 to wave convertor we need to change the out plugins. To do this, open up Winamp and click the button in the upper most, left-hand corner (see below) and from there, continue on to "Options\Preferences...". This window will allow you to customize virtually every Winamp function, but for our intents and purposes click on Output from the Plug-ins tree. The Output Plug-in we are interested in is the "Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in v1.0", so highlight it and click the "Configure" button at the bottom of the window to choose the output directory for the converted wave files.



From this point on, every MP3 you play will be converted to wave and saved in the folder you selected. To maximize the usefulness of this process, use Winamp's built-in playlist feature as a cue-list for the MP3s you want to convert and BAM! you have your self a batch convertor. When you are through with converting, go back into the Output preferences and change the output plug-in back to "Nullsoft waveOut plug-in v2.02", and BAM! you have yourself an MP3 player again.

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By Cilanntrus
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