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DJ - Mixing - Don't get this category confused with DJs who use playlists to keep people entertained. If you want to play long sets, beat-match and create remixes without turntables, you'll find the tools here. You can also buy hardware DJ Control Surfaces for many of the software titles listed here. Also check out our recommended list of the best Free DJ Software and our DJ Controller Roundup.



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DJStudio 4.4.0

Virtual DJ application which enables you to scratch, loop or pitch change

DJ Control 2.1

Wireless DJ MIDI controller for your favorite computer DJing application to use as an alternative to a cheap DJ Controller.

DJPad 1.6.0

DJPad is an Android tablet app that has DJ features, including mixing and scratching.

Droid DJ Lite v7.22

Twin pitch-shifted decks, mixer.

DJ Mixer MP3 Player 1.0.3

DJ Mixer for MP3s

Droid DJ 6.5

Twin Deck DJ Mixer

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