AdopplerEn2 v2.003
by AZ Audio

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VST host application

Last Updated: 2009-08-17
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Software Description

AdopplerEn2 is no longer available to download

AdopplerEn2 is a powerful VST effect for Windows VST Hosts. The effect has changed a lot since the first version, when it was only a modulated delay and a modulated stereo panner designed to produce the Doppler effect on the audio source. In version 2, the modulations are no longer fixed and each audio processing function can be modulated by an LFO. The processing is not only made on a single stereo channel but on 8 parallel channels. There are also eight LFOs that can be used by all the channels and can have various shapes.

The Doppler effect, which the first version of the plug-in was originally designed for, can still be produced, but a wide variety of new ones are also possible, such as chorus, flanger, panner or delay.

Processing channel:

  • 0 to 2 second delay tape reader.
  • Multimode filter (LP, BP, HP).
  • Stereo positioning.
  • Amplitude and feedback.


  • Common waveforms selector.
  • Free or host synced frequency.
  • Shape smoother.
  • Flexible re-synchronization options.


  • Complete manual.
  • 22 presets, internal fx program handling.
  • Copy/paste between each processing channel or LFO.

New in 2.003

  • Changed the pan modulation.
  • More accurate LFO resync.
  • Fixed possible sound issues when changing presets (relative to the host).
  • Best plugin behaviour when changing the sample rate during the host runtime.
  • Ultra high samplerate supported without maximum delay time change.
  • Various new presets.
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