Aaztek Kompozer
by Vedad Cajo
(Vedad Cajo Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.9 MB
License Conditions:

Save and Convert To MIDI features are locked. Also export and import of patterns is limited. Registration: $9.95

System Requirements:

16-bit display (or higher), MIDI sound card. 800x600 resolution recommended

Last Updated: 2001-10-28
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Using Aaztek Kompozer you can create patterns that would be rather hard to
create using your traditional MIDI sequencer or keyboard. Composing music is done by manipulating knobs (representing notes and octaves)
and controller sliders (manipulate any MIDI controller or channel message) . New tracks can be quickly created from existing tracks using track rotation or
tune-up/tune-down features. MIDI controllers can be edited in one continuous movement by holding down the left mouse button and dragging over the controller window. Program change messages can be added by simply dragging a program from your instrument window on the note knob. To copy-paste or cut-paste  a note within a track just drag and drop. To move pattern or patterns from your pattern
editor into song editor just drag and drop.  All this of course in real
time, during playback so you can instantly hear the change. Save the song, convert it to MIDI or export patterns. Quickly import exported patterns for reuse in other songs.

Aaztek Kompozer can handle up to 32 tracks per pattern, 10,000 patterns per song and offers support for multiple MIDI OUT devices to fully utilize its' 32 tracks. In other words if you have several sound cards in your computer you can assign different tracks to send output to different sound cards (which are actually MIDI devices).

Combined with a cool graphic interface and a low promotional
price Aaztek Kompozer is a sequencer you can't miss if you are interested in techno / acid / industrial / house music.

Brief summary of core features:

  • Easy and quickly create  techno / acid loops
  • Edit notes and controllers during playback
  • access up to 10,000 patterns per song
  • Edit up to 32 tracks per pattern
  • use multiple MIDI OUT devices
  • drag-and-drop notes , patterns and programs
  • export/import patterns
  • rotate tracks and controllers
  • apply tune-up/tune-down to selected notes
  • convert songs to MIDI format

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