Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought
by AudioWarrior
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Last Updated: 2006-04-03
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Software Description

Kreator LE Acoustic Dreadnought is a "MIDI-Strummable" 24-bit acoustic guitar with playable harmonics and mutes, includes 85 strummable chords.

AudioWarrior's Patent Pending G-Mapping allowing users to literally strum guitar chords on a MIDI keyboard as if the keys were strings on a guitar. Playing accurate chords everytime is now within everyone's grasp. No prior chord knowledge is required. Simply load a chord and strum your board or play chromatically.

Kreator Acoustic Dreadnought has been sampled from a finely crafted acoustic dreadnought guitar with a cedar-top-soundboard known for its warmth and resonance, a legendary Sitka Spruce body, and a Rosewood fretboard. This instrument, costing many thousands of dollars, can now be played virtually in Kreator's Standalone mode or as a Plug-in in your preferred sequencer. Integrates seamlessly using Rewire with most major recording hosts including Digidesign Pro Tools.

Kreator Acoustic Dreadnought is designed to let you use a strumming action on a MIDI keyboard, in real time, to play guitar chords. Kreator's programming takes care of organizing the individual notes into chords, ready for you to lay out on the keyboard for performance.

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