ABox2 v2.29
by Andy J Turner
(Andy J Turner Website)

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Operating System: Windows 2000/NT/98/95
File Size: 450K
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:

The demo version of Analog Box has all the features of the retail version, but can only save small circuits.

System Requirements:

Pentium+ compatible CPU, 16+ bit graphics, 44.1KHz sound card

Last Updated: 2002-11-25
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Analog Box 2 is both a generator and processor of digital audio. It works much like an electrical circuit, you place objects on the screen and connect them together. The colorful graphics interface gives you complete and immediate control over the virtual circuit while the DSP engine transparently optimizes itself for high performance.

With ABox2, you can build synthesizers, effects, controllers, mixers, musical machines as well as expiriment and learn about various audio concepts. Although origonaly designed for computer composition, ABox2 has also been used for radio editing, live DJ mixing, scientific research, education and generalized sonic mayhem. It's light touch on CPU resources makes ABox2 an ideal choice for multi-application work, especially on slower PC's.

Features: Multiple sound card support, read audio tracks from many sound and video formats, extensive MIDI in and out support, host VST instruments and effects, save audio to a .wav file, undo/redo and variety of generators, processors, controls and analyzers to choose from.

Complete documentation, purchasing information and over 100 example circuits can be found at the ABox2 website.

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I have been using Abox since Andy's first version- AN EXCELLENT PROGRAM!!!-

If Reaktor and Vaz are the Moog modulars of software- then Abox is like a BUCHLA or SERGE!

extremely powerful- and capable of producing sounds of infinite complexity- you can even construct sounds that basically are authentic rich acoustic tonalities- like a human vocal tract- or complex woody resonances- thanks to some serious math modules-

and smoooth- this program was written entirely in assembler- ASSEMBLER! so the economy here is amazing- THOUSANDS of voices from even a slow computer!

this program should be much more famous- but the steep learning curve makes it a best-kept-secret- Max/MSP WISHES it were this powerful!

confusing 2

This program is confusing and I think AudioMulch, WaveCraft and FX24 or something are better programs to make your own modular set-ups!


This is really confusing. can anyone help me?

gonna try it

andy this looks interesting
thank you


Wow!! This tiny download really packs a punch! I'd forgotten how much fun analog sysnthesis is.

Re: ABox

: Wow!! This tiny download really packs a punch! I'd forgotten how much fun analog sysnthesis is.

Hell yeah, the smallest audio app with a big result. The power of assembly language!!!!

Keep this stuff up!

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