Antechinus Media Editor 5.0
by C Point Pty Ltd
(C Point Pty Ltd Website)

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File Size: 7.59 MB
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$49 registration

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Last Updated: 2003-12-12
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Software Description


  • Create MPEG animations and videos
  • Control frame and repetition rates, color depth, compression and all the other aspects of generating videos
  • Create AVI animations and videos
  • Record MP3 sound files and convert WAV-s to MP3 or MP2
  • Convert AVI to MPG
  • Merge MPEG or AVI animations with sound files
  • Supported import formats: Clipboard, BMP, DIB, GIF, PCX, PNG, RLE, TIFF and TGA.
  • Try morphing effects
  • Extract images and sounds from AVI-s
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