Anti-Transpirant 8000 v1.1
by TubeOhm
(TubeOhm Website)

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Operating System:
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Price: EUR 29
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System Requirements:

ASIO Soundcard, CPU up to 2GHz single/dual/quad core, screen resolution minimum 1024x768

Last Updated: 2011-06-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Anti-Transpirant is and analogue synth for windows that comes in 4 versions - AT-8000 with 8x oversampling, A-T 4000 with 4 x oversampling and A-T 6 without oversampling. A monophonic version with 8x oversampling is free for all registered TubeOhm user on request.

Main Features:

  • 8 x,4 x, no oversampling. The FREE version with 8x oversampling
  • audio frequency FILTER FM
  • audio frequency PWM modulation
  • filter 12 / 24 dB /envelope /VCA/VCF
  • delay
  • multi trigger ADSR with LFO
  • maximum 6 voices ( sales version )
  • A-T 8000 with 2 GUI‘s
  • 3 Instruments , A-T 8000 8x oversampling, A-T 4000 4x oversampling,
  • A-T 6 no oversampling 8 reduce the CPU usage

If you are already a TubeOhm user then contact support for a free copy of Anti- Transpirant mono.

New in v1.1

  • Now bundled with TO Stepper A-T.
  • 8 x oversampling.
  • Audio frequency FILTER FM.
  • Audio frequency PWM modulation.
  • VCO FM and RING modulation.
  • LFO sync to host / time to host.
  • DELAY sync time to host.
  • Multi trigger ADSR by LFO.
  • Two circuit diagrams - manual.

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Its not Paid they want 29 $

Its not Paid they want 29 $ !!!

That's what Paid means on this website

That's what we mean by 'Paid' software on this site - it means you have to pay for it.

If you want software you don't have to pay for then look for 'Free' - you can start at

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