AudioLobe v5.4
by JS8 Media Inc
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Operating System:
File Size: 2.1 MB
Price: USD 20
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard )

Last Updated: 2011-05-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

AudioLobe allows you to alter the speed of audio playback without changing the pitch rate. If you are a musician or interested in audio this means you can slow down complex sequences of audio without the vocal or instruments sounding unintelligible. Great for learning difficult notes in a musical sequence. For example, you can set a very small section of the audio to loop at whatever playback speed you want and easily follow what is happening, without having pitch changes.


  • Alter playback speed and pitch independently.
  • Save audio/video with altered playback speeds to new files.
  • Drag and drop playlist.
  • Easy to use and intuitive audio controls.
  • Supports all the common audio and video formats.
  • Major update to the graphical appearance.
  • Displays detailed audio track data.
  • Autosaves column width changes and positions, new preferences for color control.
  • Separate window for audio indicators and audio power levels.
  • Many minor improvements for list clearing, software updating, control sizes, help menu, etc.
  • Full-featured demo version. Saving of altered-speed audio files available with $20 license.
  • Play adjusted-rate audio/video files exported by AudioLobe in other free apps such as QuickTime, ReelBean, etc.

New in v5.4

  • Minor fix for handling spacebar start/stop toggling for certain circumstances.

New in v5.3

  • Turned the info window into a HUD panel.

New in v5.2

  • Corrected the alignment of one of the audio controls.

New in v5.1

  • Increased the separation of the vertical sliders in the main window, to improve ease of use.
  • Corrected formatting of the help text.
  • Corrected the keyboard shortcut for setting the loop in marker

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Essentially a great idea,

Essentially a great idea, just what I need. I want to play back small sections of a file at reduced speed. But in reality quite useless:

1. No waveform. Setting up loops by dragging markers along the waveform is plain essential.

2. Slowing down an AIF file (no pitch) change severely (!) degrades the sound quality to the point of being painful to listen to!

In a word: forget it.

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