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Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2000
File Size: 11.1 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
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Saving is not possible with this demo version. This is a demo version of BPM Studio Pro 4 and not a demo version of the BPM Studio Standard Edition.

Registration: €499.00

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Last Updated: 2010-09-28
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Tags : bpm | digital | dj | encoder | mix | playlist | ripper | wave | cd | player | sound | wav | mp3

Software Description

BPM Studio Pro is an MP3 DJ system for professional DJs, discos, bar restaurant owners, dancing schools, radio stations, and other entertainment centers.

The program has basic functions such as editing, pitching, mixing, cue-point setting, and looping, along with numerous special functions for live mixing and flexible background music.

It features include two smooth-running players with separate playlists, a sample player, a sample editor, an integrated mixer, an equalizer, an automatic BPM counter, an automatic cross fader, a CD writer, and specifically designed remote controls with the look and feel of regular CD players for easy control.

Advantages of BPM Studio compared with conventional Dual-CD-Players:

  • No more CDs needed, thousands of titles are at your disposal for immediate play
  • Efficient search of title, artist, year, genre, or BPM range
  • Comfortable, freely editable title archive
  • Realtime BPM Counter, master tempo, pitch and pitch bend make beat-matching a breeze
  • Realtime Loop Sampler and Sample Player
  • Streaming Module enabling operation as an Internet Radio Frontend Software

New Features

  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • CD Writer Module
  • Playlist Management
  • Free definable columns in the archive and playlists
  • BPM Print Designer
  • Playlist History
  • Direct-Cue (Quickstart from 6 different Cue-Points)
  • Comfortable search features.
  • Fader start support via remote control
  • Connection of up to 2 remote controls possible
  • BPM-RemoteAccess (control the software remote via the Internet, Telnet or HTTP commands)

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BPM Unable to save settings


I purchased BPM several years back and recently had a bad Hard-Drive crash only managing to recover few files...

I was able to restore BPM but I cannot remember what settings I used for BPM to “Save Settings” on exit..

I remember I had been onto technical support back then and they told me to change a setting on my windows laptop but I cannot remember what that setting was??

Can you help me?


bpm studio

Does it play with windows 7 professional?, Title and artist in your 3.0 version, the title was on the left and artist on the right. Since then you reversed them, not good. can I buy a version set up the same way as 3.0 in this respect? Please note I am aware of the swap option not good, Need it like 3.0 version. It would also be nice if we can have the sort the same way as 3.0 as well. Just hit sort and it works. simple. You also use to sell a private edition for less money 4.5.0 just the player with no dongle. The dongle caused problems at times. Do you sell that way as well? Private edition just the player no dongle? BPM is by far the best program out there, I just wished you left some of the older features alone i.e.: The ones I mentioned above. Please advise I would like to buy.


bpm studio-4 profi

Everytime I click on bpm studio it says wrong dongle? what do I do ?

BPM Studio 4 Pro


I would like to purche the program and would like to know the closes location to were i live to pick up or order the program.

I live in Pierrefonds, Quebec, Canada and my postal code is
H8Z 3C1

Thanks in advance and Happy Holodays

Re: BPM Studio 4 Pro

You can purchase it online by visiting this website address:

Purchasing BPM Studio Pro 4

We have used the demo for 45 mins and would both like to use it indiviually on separate laptops.

Would you let us know which one should we purchase and what is the cost?

re purchasing bpm

We have used the demo for 45 mins and would both like to use it indiviually on separate laptops.

Would you let us know which one should we purchase and what is the cost?

Purchasing BPM

You can purchase it by visiting this website address:

Backing up data playlists BPM Studio 4?

I would like to ask you a simple question about working with BPM Studio (version) 4 Profi.
Since many years I utilise these professional version to stock and making my music and playlists.
Last month I was preparing a data playlist ( a very great one ) and each time I made a back up in this program.
it is only a few days ago that I was busy to make another playlist with other kind of music.
The problem was that I made a back-up from this list by using the name of those big listing, so I overwrote it with the name of the big playlist.

My question:
is it possible to rewin or back-up this big list again, maybe by using a earlier date or some other possibiity?
Can you please help me to solve my problem?

Thank you very much


I learned about BPM Studio

I learned about BPM Studio from the internet, i tried the Demo and it worked well for only 45 minutes and was blocked upto now. I need full BPM solution.

Re: I learned about BPM Studio

You can purchase it by visiting this website address:

No Torrent available??

Why is there no torrent?

Re: No Torrent available??

Because there isnt a torrent for the demo version available, the torrents on this website arent cracked version of the programs.

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