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Operating System: Win 3.1
File Size: 521.0 K
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:
Last Updated: 1993-09-23
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Software Description

Sequencing software for Windows

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yo yo yo yo yo yo

yo dawg what it is this beat funk master jjjjjacccccob! and i would like to tell u that ur porgram sucks really bad this is a horrable website u need to get more better programing so i can run it ojn my high speed inter net cumputer.

I think you should learn to

I think you should learn to spell and use proper grammer before you bitch out someone who knows how to program. I'm sure nobody wants to hear your bitching... So please think next time before you insult someone think about the fact that most people have to be smarter than you and they just don't want to hear things that people with no intelligence have to say. :)

making beats

how do I make or mix beats

Re: making beats

: how do I make or mix beats


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