Black Water Reverb AU
by apulSoft
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Last Updated: 2004-12-17
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Software Description

A reverb plugin based on Jezar's freeverb engine.
It has a nice freeze mode activated by clicking on the smiley.

Developed by Black Water Music for VST pc.
It was ported to VST mac osx by Marc Poirier.
apulSoft ported it to the AU format.

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Works for me - sort of

OSX Leopard 5.4.1 DP 5.13 -> I can send audio to it and hear it's output however when you stop the track instead of hearing the reverb tail it just abruptly stops. Very odd.

how does this work?

The file contains a single component.
Where exactly do I put it and what can I expect to happen? I've tried putting this in several places, but when restarting and firing up itunes, I don't see any reference to the plugin (Mac OSX 10.4)

I cannot get it to work either.

I believe this plug-in used to work for me. Perhaps one of the Apple Pro Apps Updates or even an OS update made this AU no longer functioning. Very odd indeed. I just hopped onto the net in hopes of finding a newer version that will actually work. I also am using Mac OS 10.4 on a PowerPC. I wonder if this works with Leopard or on an Intel Mac?

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