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System 7.1, a 13-inch monitor, 8 or more megabytes of RAM, a hard disk, and a 680LC40 or better CPU. The Apple MIDI Manager is used if it is installed. If it is not installed, the built-in Driver is used for operations. (When using the MIDI Manager, insta

Last Updated: 1997-02-13
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Utility for the CS1x control synthesizer. Allows complete editing of performances via an intuitive interface, as well as transferring performances to and from the CS1x to your hard drive.

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This is a mac "classic"

This is a mac "classic" application. It will not run on MacOSX, not even with rosetta.

It will not work!

It will not work, when the download is complete in says it cant expand!

cs1x editor for mac

can somebody help me figure out why I can not get this program
to run.I can download it,but it will not load or send perfomances.
please help gforce

Re: cs1x editor for mac

The file is some kind of zipfile, use theUnarchiver.app to unzip

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