Cantabile v2.0 build 2068
by Topten Software
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Cantabile Lite: US$00.00, Cantabile Solo: US$49.00 and Cantabile Performer US$139.00

System Requirements:

ASIO or DirectSound compatible sound card

Last Updated: 2014-09-15
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Software Description

Cantabile is a powerful host for virtual instruments and effects with an emphasis on real-time performance and use in live performance situations.

  • Play: With Cantabile you can play VST instruments and process audio effects in real-time. Plug-ins can be connected in series to form racks and multiple racks can be run concurrently with each delivering a different sound or instrument. Racks can also be connected together to apply common effects to multiple instruments.
  • Perform:For live performance, Cantabile's sub-session support can be used to pre-configure sets of plug-ins and instantly switch between them by bypassing some and enabling others. Most settings can be controlled remotely using MIDI controller assignments and everything can be kept in sync with MIDI clock support.
  • Record: Cantabile's audio and MIDI recorders can be used for automatic or manual recording and support both optimistic recording where all recordings are kept unless specifically deleted, or pessimistic recording where recordings are automatically discarded unless flagged to be kept.
  • Design: For preset designers Cantabile includes a comprehensive set of tools including the ability to morph and randomize presets, "A-B" preset toggling, program bank organiser and shared program banks.


  • Simple, powerful real-time VST host.
  • Supports VST instruments, audio effects and MIDI effects.
  • Plugins are arranged in to racks for easy but flexible way of connecting plugins.
  • Highly optimized audio engine.
  • Support for ASIO and DirectSound audio drivers.
  • Support for MMX and SSE CPU instructions.

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New in v2.0 build 2068

  • FLAC media file support
  • Shell plugins support (ie: Waves plugins)
  • Non-edge triggered MIDI controller assignments now supported
  • /stddpi command line switch to disable Cantabile's hi-res monitor support
  • MIDI filter for translating After-Touch events to MIDI CC
  • CC Map MIDI Filter can now map to/from program change, pitch bend, and channel pressure
  • Support for program numbers without an LSB number (eg: 10..23) improved
  • Save media player snap setting
  • Enhanced MIDI routing table to reduce stuck notes
  • Bugfix for incorrectly scrolling to top of list when new item added
  • Bugfix for MIDI routes not always sending target program number correctly
  • Bugfix for large status panel not updating next song display
  • Bugfix for popup menus obstructing underlying button
  • Bugfix for not using SSE optimized sample conversion routine in some cases
  • Bugfix for user-interface slow to respond when triggers with large Sysex data
  • Bugfix for made the program number column in the set list window wider

New in v2.0 build 2067

  • Now supports sub-session program banks
  • Setlist no longer syncs to the currently loaded session/sub-session
  • Removed warning message on loading MP3 media file
  • Bugfix for hang (deadlock) when applying MIDI filter edits (rare)
  • Bugfi for crash when scanning plugins during startup before session loads
  • Bugfix for not sending last event in MIDI file
  • Bugfix for support for sending MIDI trigger events on app shutdown
  • Bugfix for crash when closing session while recording

New in v2.0 build 2064

  • Various bugfixes

New in v2.0 build 2062

  • New color scheme "Bruised" (black and blue).
  • MIDI clock sensitivity option (see Metronome options page).
  • Fxb/fxp version checks now disabled for all plugins.
  • Panel resizing now snaps for easier precise sizing.
  • Ability to "repair" certain session file corruptions relating to sub-session data.
  • Bugfix for crash when pasting a rack with a plugin that has "Enforce or Suppress MIDI program changes" option enabled.
  • Bugfix for various random crashes relating to MIDI recorder in musical recording modes.
  • Bugfix for crash when loading certain plugins that return excessively long program names (Magnus Choir).
  • Bugfix for fix for Waldorf Largo plugin not switching programs correctly.

New in v2.0 build 2056

  • Fixed - some sub-sessions not producing sound on first load after session loaded.
  • Fixed - execute script trigger not passing command line arguments correctly.
  • Fixed - crash on invoking commands from collapsed ribbon.
  • Fixed - handle buggy ASIO drivers that report preferred buffer size that is not supported by allowed buffer sizes.
  • Fixed - TheDreamMachine3Basic plugin not loading it's own presets.
  • Fixed - NI B4 (v1) plugin never producing sound.
  • Improved - MIDI assignments dialog now remembers learn mode between runs of Cantabile.

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Great software!

Exactly for my needs- only playing live- so the free lite version is enough , and asio supported .

Thanks for that folks!

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