CDFinder v5.1.1a
by Norbert M. Doerner
(Norbert M. Doerner Website)

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File Size: 4.9 MB
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Registration: US$30.00

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.3 or later

Last Updated: 2008-07-10
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Software Description

CDFinder is the advanced disk cataloger application for the Mac, to help you organize your disk and data archive, and to keep track of your digital media assets.


  • Catalogue any data disk, data folder, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, iPod, server volume, Audio-CD, USB-Stick, and more
  • Networkable: Share your database in your network
  • Cross-platform: with CDWinder for Windows, you can use one database for both worlds!
  • Powerful Find functions (more than any other tool in the market), and offline browsing
  • Search your local disks with Spotlight and as well as your catalogs from inside CDFinder
  • Import your existing Disk Recall, DiskWizard, FindIt, Disk Tracker, Catalogue and CatFinder catalog files
  • Read audio MP3 and AAC (iTunes) meta data (AIFF and WAVE, too)!
  • Quickly catalog a large stack of data CDs or DVDs using the Batch Catalog feature
  • Catalog your photo data, with EXIF, IPTC meta data, and JPG, TIFF, PICT and BMP photo info
  • Fast and really easy to use
  • Export or print your catalog data
  • Handle really large amounts of data (some others are limited to only 2000 or 4000 files!)
  • Look inside archive files: ZIP (Panther, Tiger!), TAR, .rar, StuffIt (.sit and even .sitx), and others
  • Multiple languages in one application: English, German, French, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and Dutch
  • AppleScript Integrate CDFinder into your existing workflow.
  • Extend your database by using the five new custom catalog fields for any content you need
  • Free email support

New in v5.1.1a:

  • QuickLook Integration in Leopard: Select any file in CDFinder and hit the Space key to get a full preview of the document, song, movie, or photo (if the original file is online)! That even works for multiple selected files!
  • CDFinder can now catalog all metadata of AIFF songs, including Cover Art, Lyrics and all other typical fields
  • CDFinder can now catalog the IPTC and GPS metadata of RAW and PSD photos
  • MP3 Cover Art is now being read from ID3v2.2 format tags as well as the ID3v2.3 tags
  • CDFinder is now able to export the GPS coordinates of all selected photos (along with their names and IPTC caption) into a KML file (to be used with Google Earth and other applications)
  • The GPS distance search window now displays the selected coordinate in a nice world map
  • The Info bar at the top of the Found Items and Catalog Content windows can now be hidden through the View menu
  • All GPS related context menu entries now use the GPS icon from
  • Added some hidden settings to enhance the behaviour of CDFinder - please check the Tips & Tricks section of the CDFinder Users Guide!
  • Changed the keyboard shortcuts to set the label for selected items, and now uses Command-1 and Command-2 to switch the selected view from Icon to List mode
  • The context menu for Found Items now has the "Reveal in Catalog" entry back
  • The Inspector now also shows the altitude of GPS coordinates
  • Fixes a crashing bug when printing CD labels in Leopard (that is an Apple bug, but we could fix it anyway in CDFinder)
  • Fixes a bug of Leopard, where Apple has changed the behaviour of "rounded buttons". You could see that in the Find dialog. CDFinder now uses much nicer buttons to add or remove new search criteria
  • Fixes a bug in the GPS distance search, where a rounding error could sometimes produce incorrect results
  • Fixes a bug in GPS cataloging, where another rounding error could sometimes produce wrong longitude seconds
  • Fixes a bug of cataloging some JPG photos with XMP metadata where CDFinder would not read the IPTC comments of the file properly
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