ChordBook v3.5
by DRS Digital Image & Sound Inc
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Last Updated: 2006-08-12
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Software Description

ChordBook provides chord lookup for guitar in standard tuning, and additional chord processing for 70 non-standard guitar tunings. ChordBook's purpose is simple--provide a way to create your own, customized chord the order and with the voicing YOU choose.

For starters, the Chord Library for standard tuning has 23 chord types in each key and has 3 to 6 different voices/fingerings each.

Simply select the key of the chord and it's type. You preview it in the Chord Library window and when you find the correct voicing/fingering, draw it in the Diagram Editor. Multiple versions of the Chord Library window can be displayed at once, letting you compare chord voicings, etc.

New in v3.5

  • Fixed two chord name errors in the Chord Library
  • Moved the "Strum Speed" window to an optional menu item
  • Can now enter your own name in a chord on the namer window before drawing it in the diagram window.
  • The Tuning window now has a list of preset tunings, in addition to the original manual adjustment interface.

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The original site is down.

The original site is down. You can get Chordbook 3.6.1 for the Mac here

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