Chord Studio v2.0
by StudioSoft
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File Size: 660 KB
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Launches a nag screen. Registration US$20.00

System Requirements:

QuickTime Musical Instruments

Last Updated: 2003-03-18
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Software Description

Chord Studio is a musical program all about chords, from simple triads to complex jazz voicings. It is educational, telling you the name of a given combination of notes, or letting you hear how a chord with a given name sounds.

Practical, for printing out professional looking charts for yourself orothers to play. Creative, letting you experiment with chord sounds in a unique way that would be cumbersome to do in a normal sequencer.

Chord Studio can play through a sequence of chords, or save one as a MIDI file. It will also open a MIDI file, presenting it as a new chord chart.

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