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Software Description

Macintosh Csound application. The classical, extremely powerful but rather difficult digital synthesis and sound processing package. For the professionals!

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Can you do drums in Csound

If I compose a piece using Csound is it possible to also
create drum tracks in Csound or can you get Csound to
sync with MIDI?

Any help would be appreciated.

csound email discussion list where did you go.

:where did your discussion group go to?

Re: Can you do drums in Csound

: csound email discussion group is located now
: i get a 404 on it at csound home page ???!!!!

Re: Can you do drums in Csound

:michalson has a huge quantity of drums in his zip
: but i have had little luck with his orcs
: running and it needs some repaired. you will need
: the win zip demo to un zip the package,
: join the csound mailing list.

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