DJ Nitrogen v1.02.00

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Operating System: Windows
File Size: 2.3 MB
License: Freeware (All Free software)
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Last Updated: 2008-07-25
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Software Description

DJ Nitrogen is no longer available to download

DJ Nitrogen is the new, honest ringtone software. With no hidden fees, DJ Nitrogen puts the power of your phone back into your hands. All DJ Nitrogen content is community generated.

This easy-to-use free software lets you customize your ringtone with precision edits and the same high quality effects used by the Audacity audio editor. From simple one-click editing to intricate remixes, DJ Nitrogen is as complex as you want it to be.

DJ Nitrogen works with any mp3 file. When you start DJ Nitrogen for the first time, load your mp3 library into the software. DJ Nitrogen will show you ringtones already created by other users. Preview the ringtones and send them to your phone in one click. Can't find what you are looking for? Just load your favorite song into our editor and make your own ringtone. If you are the first person to make a ringtone for a particular song, you can download it to your phone for free.

Make as many ringtones as you want with DJ Nitrogen. Let others listen to the ringtones you made. Also listen to and download ringtones made by others. Unless you made the first ringtone for a particular song, sending ringtones to your phone will cost a minimal fee. We keep our prices low by not having to pay any royalties. You can send the ringtones to your phone wirelessly. No cables, cards, or extra software needed!

DJ Nitrogen supports all major US carriers. Your handset must support MMS data messages and mp3 or real ringtones.

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Dj Nitrogen

its not really free you have to sign up for a delivery system. its cost between anywhere of $1.50 to $9.99 depending on what delivery system you set up! Just giving you guys a warning before you download it.

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