BIAS Deck 3.5
by BIAS Inc.
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Operating System:
File Size: 19.1 MB
License Conditions:

Fully functional for a 14 day evaluation period.

System Requirements:

Power PC, G3, or G4 Processor, Mac OS 8.6 or later, 128 MB RAM, 20 MB available disk space, Apple Sound Manager 3.3

Last Updated: 2004-03-12
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description


  • Record, mix, play back, & process up to 64 simultaneous tracks
  • Up to 999 virtual tracks
  • High-performance, realtime mixing console, with dedicated faders, pans, & other controls
  • Automated level mixing with high-resolution moving faders
  • "Rubberband-style" breakpoint automation
  • Mixer states "snapshot-style" scene automation
  • Clip-based automation: Copy, Paste, Drag & Drop automation envelopes follow audio regions as they are moved
  • 5.1 channel surround mixing capable, with fully automated, track-by-track, multi-algorithmic 360° panning to Left, Center, Right, Surround L, Surround R, plus LFE (subwoofer).
  • Surround mixing pan algorithms include Radius 5.1, Variable Width 5.1 and Room Ambiance 5.1.
  • Advanced realtime signal processing with VST plug-in support
  • Includes over 25 free VST audio effect plug-ins, including BIAS Freq 4-band paragraphic EQ & BIAS Vbox SE multi-effects control environment
  • Built-in realtime DSP effects including Chorus, EQ, Delay, & Multitap
  • Support for multiple sample rate & bit depth formats, up to 48kHz & 16-bit
  • SMPTE/EBU timecode-fluent for editing, spotting, & external chase-lock synchronization
  • Slaves with subframe accuracy to external video tape recorders & other transports — ideal for layback & other assembly
  • Import QuickTime movies & synchronize audio-to-picture with better-than-frame accuracy
  • Scrub QuickTime movie with full audio chase
  • Lightning-fast spotting of audio clips to picture
  • ADR (automated dialog replacement) capable
  • Monitor previously recorded tracks while recording new tracks (optionally in sync to a QuickTime movie)
  • Discontiguous clip selection
  • Clip nudging & trimming — with better-than-subframe accuracy
  • Sync to external MIDI sequencers
  • Non-destructive punch-in & punch-out
  • Master fader with stereo effects bus
  • OMF support allows importing from other DAWs such as non-linear video editors including Final Cut Pro, Premiere & Avid
  • Use built-in Macintosh audio inputs/outputs or compatible audio interface/card hardware
  • Supports most ASIO (OS 9), Sound Manager, & CoreAudio (OS X) compatible audio hardware
  • Supports multiple file formats including AIFF, SDII, .WAV, .SND, & QuickTime
  • Export sessions as QuickTime movie with multiple format options
  • Allows external waveform editor such as Peak to be launched from session
  • Includes Peak LE 3 at no extra charge - for advanced sample editing, mastering, and CD burning.

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Unfortunately you didn't know what you were doing.. this thing's great. I can create soundboard schemes and snapshot them, make templates, double track with video. You're lack of creativity with this program has biased your opinion. This thing kicks ass.

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