Digital Studio 1.11
by AMC Software

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Operating System: Win 3.1
File Size: 651 K
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:

Registration: US$30

System Requirements:

386 PC 4Mb RAM 1.5MB disk space Windows 3.1/95

Last Updated: 1998-02-02
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Software Description

Digital Studio is a shareware MIDI sequencer for Windows 3.1/95 that allows you to create and playback music. It includes many ways to edit the music including the score view, piano roll editor, drum view, and event list. In the track view the song is split into segments which can be moved about using drag and drop. There is also a mixer, customizable patch names, MIDI and SMPTE sync, system exclusive dumps, multi-track recording, on-line help and score printing. All the features are enabled in the shareware version.

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ugurmc slm

Digital Studio is a snap!

Digital Studio has become one of my main programs! After trying several other shareware stuff, I like this especially for such features as overdub/replace. I found myself using the program more and more to initially record my tracks, move tracks and change instuments on the fly.


with refernce to web search I have gotten your address. I am intersted to know the names of the instumnts through which i want to do digital recording.

Our basic purpose is to setup a digital studio for multitrack recording.



where the fuck is all the free software? when i go in to a store looking for 3.1 software,
i get laughed at. you fuckers want me to pay more for software than i did for my
computer? FUCK YOU.

can't wait to use it

This is my first here , but I was told that this program will be great for me to record my music.

This is a great program . . .

Digital Studio was a awesome sequencer. I love this
thing. If you don't have it, get it.

It's got a great sequencing option. Also, there's about
fifty bazillion tricks and options you can have to
make your MIDI sound great.


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