Disk Order v3.0
by LikeMac Group
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File Size: 3.2 MB
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30 Day Trial. Registration: US$22.57

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Last Updated: 2008-01-25
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Software Description

Disk Order is a utility that gives users the ability to manage files on their Macs just the same way as in Finder but without any need to open many windows for different folders. Having two file lists (panels) hosted in one window, the user can easily open one folder on left panel and another one on right panel and perform any file operation between them. For example copy some files from one to another or compare them for same file names. All this Disk Order presents in usual for Mac users Aqua interface with full support of Drag-n-Drop technology.

The program differs from other file managers in Macintosh world by its capability to manage files without mouse, that is using only keyboard. The user can customize his own shortcuts to make the application more comfortable. This may be helpful not only for Mac switchers but for notebook owners who dislikes using touchpad when operating files. Also, Disk Order offers some advanced file manager features, such as built-in FTP client, command line and file previewer.

Disk Order is intended for everyone who need to make a lot of different file operations in a single application. Ability to copy, move files, launch applications, preview pictures and connect to FTP servers can reduce the amount of applications the user need to run at the same time when working on a particular task. Having customizable appearance and user friendly interface it makes the work fast and effective.

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