DrumSpillage 2.0.7
by AudioSpillage
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System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and an AudioUnit host e.g. Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Numerology, Studio One, AudioMulch, Reaper, Reaper, Renoise, Sagan Metro

Last Updated: 2014-04-21
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Software Description

DrumSpillage is a drum synthesizer designed around a flexible collection of unique percussion models custom engineered to expand your existing drum palette and provide a rich base for sonic exploration. The plugin is aimed at creative musicians and producers looking to add an element of individuality to their rhythm tracks. All DSP processes are calculated with a very high level of accuracy leading many users to comment favourably on the synth's overall sound quality and depth. The user interface is fast and efficient and places the full power of the synth within close reach.

Key Features:

  • High resolution 64-bit DSP engine.
  • Future proof model driven architecture.
  • 13 exclusive drum synthesis algorithms with extensive editing facilities.
  • Pad based real-time control/mixing surface.
  • Fast and intuitive user interface.
  • Full MIDI key mapping and pad layering.
  • 16 mono/stereo outputs.
  • Choke group support.
  • CPU 'freeze' feature for efficiency
  • Direct export of sounds to AIFF/WAV file formats
  • Host synchronization of LFOs and envelopes

Model List:

  • BassDrum
  • SynthClap
  • WoodDrum
  • NoiseDrum
  • HandBell
  • Clave
  • Membrane
  • ElectroBassDrum
  • ElectroSnare
  • ElectroHiHat
  • ElectroCymbal
  • FMPercussion
  • FMMatrix

Per pad features:

  • Distortion unit with 6 distortion algorithms.
  • Multi-mode resonant filter section.
  • 2 ADSR envelopes and 1 pitch envelope.
  • 2 LFOs (6 wave shapes).
  • Full MIDI key mapping allows synths to be stacked or played melodically/polyphonically.
  • 2 Global LFOs available to all parts simultaneously.
  • 9 stereo/mono audio outputs.

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Changes in v2.0.7

  • Bugfix for LFO tempo sync timing issues.
  • Bugfix for UI initial sizing issues in Ableton Live 9.
  • Bugfix for mute and solo alt key shortcut issues.
  • Bugfix for an issue where cancelling kit/pad previews didn't restore original settings.
  • Added volume level readout on main pad editor.

Changes in v2

  • Streamlined UI design.
  • Improved synthesis and DSP architecture including anti-aliasing oscillators.
  • 4 LFOs per pad (upgraded from 2 in 1.x).
  • Increased number of modulation destinations in the model editor.
  • New LFO waveforms and smoother modulation for existing waveforms.
  • Support for cross-modulating LFOs.
  • Full dynamic velocity control over the synthesis parameters.
  • New distortion algorithms.
  • MPC/Maschine style pad layout preference.
  • New kit presets designed especially for v2.

Changes in v1.6.2

  • Better preset kits.
  • Exported samples are now normalised eliminating potential clipping issues.
  • Accent controls restored to original bottom left position in model editor.
  • Global controls moved to bottom right of model editing window.
  • Bugfix for stuck notes issue at low velocities.
  • Dragging pads to copy/move functionality restored.
  • Fixed the 'pads transmit velocity' preference
  • Bugfix for Memory leaks.

Changes in v1.6.1

  • BugFix for incorrect activation of MIDI keyboard mode when loading saved sessions.
  • BugFix for pad trigger not displaying keyboard mode correctly in model editor.
  • BugFix for X/Y controller menus failing to displaying selected parameter.
  • BugFix for a bug that reset accent threshold when clicking on the randomizer background.
  • Better sound stability when triggering pads upon initial launch.
  • Better reliability when working with frozen kits/pads.
  • Minor GUI related bug fixes and improvements.

Changes in v1.6

  • New MIDI Keyboard Mode
  • New user interface design, layout and organisation.
  • Improved interface skin reduces eye fatigue.
  • X/Y controller area increased.
  • Right-click X/Y controller to assign parameters.
  • Improved tooltip support.

Changes in v1.5.1

  • Trial version no-longer limited to 30 minutes per session.
  • Smoother changes when loading/previewing kits and pads.

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Drum Spillage is Great! The

Drum Spillage is Great! The noise drum is really cool.

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