DrumTools Performance Designer v1.0
by MusicLab, Inc.
(MusicLab, Inc. Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 2.03 MB
License Conditions:

SlicyDrummer and Fill-in Drummer don't work as individual MFX plug-ins in Sonar/Cubase SX, and DD modules within Fxpansion Dr-008 drum sampler. Registration Fee - US$149

System Requirements:

VST 2 or DXi host (Cubase, Sonar)/Win2000-XP/P3 1GHz/256MB RAM

Last Updated: 2005-05-13
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Software Description

DrumTools Performance Designer is a powerful VSTi allowing for instant creation of 1-8 measure drum performances including drum/percussion loops, fills, intros, endings, solo, and then simply trigger them by MIDI notes from your sequencer to easily turn separate performances into complete drum track perfectly matching your song.

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