EchoBoy v4.4.3
by SoundToys
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VST/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2014-09-03
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Software Description

EchoBoy is a fully-featured, echo/delay plugin.

A new level of high quality realistic analog emulation lets EchoBoy create the sound of a wide array of professional echo and delay devices, past and present. SoundToys' Advanced Analog Mode and selectable Styles allow the user to change the entire sonic signature from Pristine Digital Delay to High Quality Studio Echo to LoFi Analog Delay pedals and Classic Echo Boxes.

Featuring intricate rhythm capabilities thanks to SoundToys' new True Groove rhythm technology, EchoBoy lets users change the rhythm of their delays to allow the echo to swing and jam along with the mix. EchoBoy includes adjustable swing/shuffle and accent for a truly musical echo sound. Users can tweak the feel control from Rushin to Draggi.

New in v4.4.3

  • LFO and MIDI sync performance improvements in modulation plug-ins.
  • Bugfix for minor graphics and UI bugs.
  • Bugfix for compare light behavior with PanMan and MicroShift.
  • Bugfix for Multiple save dialog with RTAS and 32-bit VST.
  • Various other minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

New in v4.4.2

  • Little PrimalTap now supports RTAS on Windows.
  • AAX is now 64-bit only. RTAS provides 32-bit Pro Tools support.
  • Tighter MIDI lock for all plug-ins with MIDI sync.
  • Bugfix for issues with AudioSuite versions.
  • Bugfix for issues with Preset Manager graphics in certain situations.
  • Bugfix for an issue that may cause a crash in certain situations during session recall in Pro Tools.
  • Bugfix for an issue that may cause an error message when recalling settings in Pro Tools 11.

New in v4.4

  • Native AAX support

New in v4.1.8

  • Bugfix for reported TDM Crashing issue

New in v4.1.6

  • Note if you are working with sample rates above 48kHz, stay with the 4.1.5 version
  • Fixed issue opening old sessions in Ableton Live.
  • Fixed issue causing "min shift alerts" occurring in EchoBoy.
  • Key hits now go to host if not required by the plug-in. Sonar still blocks them.
  • Fixed issue where key hits caused graphic problems in Cubase.
  • Fixed issue causing double key hits in Ableton Live Mac VST.
  • Simulated analog noise improved in FilterFreak.
  • Other system reliability bugs fixed.

New in v3.0.3

  • Logic 8 approved.
  • Leopard approved.
  • Pro Tools 7.4 approved.
  • Improved Audio Units tempo tracking.
  • Improved DSP performance on Native applications.
  • Fixed a problem switching from TDM to RTAS.
  • Fixed window scrolling error.
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