FilterNet 2.1
by OpenAria Software
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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95
File Size: 2.8 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:

The demo version interrupts the audio periodically. License key can be purchased for USD $85 at Price is
subject to change without notice. Please visit the site for latest information.

System Requirements:

Windows (98/me/2000/xp)

Any DirectX host application

Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processors and above is recommended,
but not required.

256 MB memory recommended.

Last Updated: 2004-05-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

FilterNet is a DirectX plugin that enables you to design filter networks by combining simple filter elements. Using an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface, you run filters in series, in parallel, split channels for independent processing, create feedback filters of arbitrary complexity.

The majority of existing products perform audio processing in discrete categories that tend to cause us to think in a boxed mode. For example, one plugin performs equalization, another one does chorusing, etc. By contrast, FilterNet is an open-ended framework that breaks these artificial boundaries. You create your
unique effect by combining filter elements in a great variety of ways.

FilterNet comes with a rich set of filter elements. There are many flavors of first and second order equalizers, a reverb and mutli-tap delays. But the most powerful features are the various filter structures into which you place the
filter elements. For example, there is the crossfeed filter which feedbacks the left channel signal into the right, and vice versa. The serial-parallel structure connects filters in series, while each filter provides an output tap that is summed for the final output. The possibilities are endless.

Because FilterNet itself is a DirectX host, you can use your existing plugins to create effects of your dream. FilterNet treats a DirectX plugins as just
another element.

FilterNet uses 32-bit floating point processing and is fully optimized
for speed for the Intel Pentium III processors and above, and the AMD Athlon processors enabled with the SIMD/SSE feature.

All parameters are MIDI controllable.

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