FlexiMusic Orchestra Mar2004
by Ponnuchamy Varatharaj/Fleximusic
(Ponnuchamy Varatharaj/Fleximusic Website)

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Last Updated: 2004-03-11
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Software Description

"FlexiMusic Orchestra" is used to play musical sounds for live orchestra or for computer music hobby.

In FlexiMusic Orchestra you assign "small pieces of music beat" to each key of your all your "Input Devices" and play it as orchestra or musical instrument.

Small piece of music beat: You can choose any standard instrument/drum from midi bank. Or you can use sample of wave file you have. There are a lot of places in the Internet where you can download sound samples. We will provide links to these sites in our home page.

Input devices: Computer Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Midi and other keyboard. You can use single or multiple input devices together. The input device can be any thing that DirectX can detect it.

Multiple input devices: You can connect any number of input devices (keyboards, mouse, joystick music-keyboards, etc.) and use it together so that many persons can play simultaneously. This is very much useful for professional orchestra.

Multiple Play Boards: You can create unlimited no of play boards. Each play board will have all input devices (like keyboard etc.) as sub boards. Each play board will have its own set of sound assignment as you need. While you are playing you can change over to next play board to play completely a new set of music. This is useful when you define multiple instruments for hobby simply using your keyboard, mouse etc. you can assign each instrument to each play board, when you change over to next play board your PC becomes that instrument.

Real time key press informer: You assign pronouncing key name sound to each key, as and when a key is pressed it will keep sounding that pronunciation. It is useful for children to play with keyboard and to know the names of keys. This is also useful for blind people to know the key being pressed while they are using another application. application.

New in Mar2004

  • Recording Keystrokes and playback.
  • Action commands can be added. Similar to assigning sound to a key, you can also assign commands change board and stop play to any key.
  • Layout editing is separated. Now there is a new window to do edit layouts. Layout is done for each input device instead of board, so when the layout of an input device is changed all boards will be changed.
  • Two modes (Orchestra mode and the Keyboard mode) are combined into one. Now no need to change the mode; advantage of both modes is available together.
  • In the Queue style, now you can add a new style called loop queue. In this, when there is no sound left in a queue, the default sound of that queue will keep looping until another sound comes in the queue.
  • Multiple Midi port choice. You can choose a port from the available ports in your PC. So now you can play more than one midi key at a time using some ports.
  • Renamed: Play Boards are called Tables, and Sub Boards are called Boards.
  • Menu reshuffled for ease of use.
  • Seven days free trial changed to 15 days. And now, demo version will not limit the number of key assignments.
  • Startup error in XP - bug fixed.

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The instructions are vague

Instructions vague to new user. Can't understand how to play any more than 1 note.how do you change notes?must you use midi instrument to change notes or play song?i have kristal wave file. what am i supposed to do with it?device to complicated for some one who isn't audio engineer.needs better BASIC USE instruction.i'm no dummy.i do fine with kristal editor.i can use chordmachine just fine.tihs is over my head unless how to play instructions could be explained in simpler terms.thank you for letting me download the trial version,but without a much less complicated tutorial being available,i would not purchase this program.maybe if it was easier to understand,it's fans would be thousands instead of hundreds.


gud software

Re: download

: gud software

need help!!

i am so happy for subscribing to this great site, please i need a personal computer (used) be it desktop or laptop.
anyone can send me his/her old one so i can install the softwares in this site and become a pro. i will never forget such a friend.

need help!

whenever i try to run the program i get a runtime error '91' "object variable or With block variable not set" and then it quits. little help?

you bastard

This jolly little program just asked me if I wanted to update some kind of driver when I installed it. I said yes and it destroyed a bit of my windows 98 os and now my computer wont even boot up. THANKS FOR NOTHING YOU BASTARD!!!

This guy isn't from afghanistan is he? GRRRRR

But no problem for 100s of other users

Hi Everybody

The person posted a bad remark looks like a competitor.

He reports a problem but no problem for 100s of other users are using the program.

Dont know why oly he has a problem.

Thanks for reading this.

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