Free Amp 3
by Fretted Synth Audio

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Software Description

Free Amp 3 has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase or download.

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For those of you looking for Fretted Synth software, it is hosted here as of this post:



Crap, I really want this!

Crap, I really want this!
Been looking around the web after a decent amp, best one I found was this..

Anyone know if it's possible to get this one somewhere else?

Or maybe another decent amp?


All I get when I try to download is "Content Blocked" on the page I'm linked to.. :( Anyone know what to do about that?

Re: Awww

The software is no longer available

HOW HOW!!!!!!!!!!

please!!! i need how to make my guitar soun through the vst free amp, i hear my guitar , an i execute the aplication, but nothing happens between the guitar and the software, someone help me

Bitchin, and RAD!

I am amazed that this is free. I got it with Cubase when I purchased my Lexicon Lambda. I figured it was some high end spensive shite like Amplitube. No no, this beats the pants off of Ampliturd. Can get way more sounds out of this than that dodgydesign stuff. I just downloaded the V3 and am gonna check that out tomorrow. cheers mate.

Super or not

I tried my guitars with Tubeamp2 and GuitarRig and was unsatisfied due to delay of sound for guitar playing. So, I think that this software isn't better but I will gave a try to this. I hope it's worth of 3 MB of hard disk. Yes, I know its free but it doesn't mean that free thing shall be nonsense.


This software is very good for recording


I was skeptical, because of how spoiled I am from using high-end gear... I expected this plugin to suck...but It really really don't suck! Rather, it moves serious cone. The presets are sweeter than I expected also. It really is a amp modeller. I owned a GenX 4(b4 it was stolen) and this really made me happy because I am now achieving similar, and in some cases, better tones....I am definately donating regular to this company, in hopes of seeing proggress in this free plugin. Thanks, FreeAmp2

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