FutureDecks DJ Pro 3.6.4

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Operating System:
File Size: 16.2 MB
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30 Day Trial. It works only for 20 minutes per session (you will have to restart it after that), mix recording is disabled and list saving is disabled. Registration: US$79.99

System Requirements:

2.0 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM, ATI / NVidia video card with 256MB video ram, Multichannel Soundcard

Last Updated: 2013-10-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

FutureDecks DJ Pro is the big brother of FutureDecks DJ, it has advanced DJ features for the most demanding professional DJ.

With FutureDecks DJ Pro, all you have to do is imagine and use your creativity to get that imagined mix. It features intuitive DJ solutions for beginners and has advanced options and features to satisfy the flexibility demands of professional DJs. FutureDecks DJ Pro also gives you the ability to connect up to 8 hardware MIDI/HID controllers for full control over your mixes.

Beat-matching is just a click away and also are seamless beat-aware loops, effects and many other things. It also features a brand new audio engine.

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  • Classic DJ setup with 2 or 4 decks, pro mixer and playlists
  • Fully manual or automatic mixing (one-click beat-matching)
  • Seamless intelligent looping and "skipbeat"
  • Automatic BPM detection (grid like) with batch-mode function
  • vinyl simulation including scratch, pitch, reverse play, brake
  • Separate headphones output and song pre-listening
  • Support for VST effects and AudioUnits, eqs, filters
  • Analog input for microphone/turntables/CD-players, Talk-Over
  • Controllers supported natively (zero-configure): - Behringer BCD2000/BCD3000, Hercules controllers
  • Additional MIDI IN with LEARN - assign knobs/switches to fx parameters
  • Sample player (sampler)
  • Record your mixes to WAV or AIFF
  • KeyLock (MasterTempo) with on/off selector, gradual pitch bend
  • ASIO/CoreAudio low-latency support
  • Browsing system with unlimited lists, disk explorer and database
  • Load the whole song in RAM memory for instant access

New in v3.6.4

  • Advanced searching
  • Harmonic mixing
  • MIDI buffering
  • Loading/saving database message
  • 13 new controllers
  • MIDI scripting improvements
  • Various bugfixes

New in v3.6.2

  • MIDI and HID improvements
  • Supports more hardware controllers from Hercules
  • Reloop Digital Jockey IE2 completely re-implemented small fixes

New in v3.6.1

  • All MIDI/HID controllers are now connected at startup (it's no longer needed to select them in Preferences/Cfg).
  • More controllers supported (Numark iDJ3, Numark MixDeck Express, Gemini CNTRL-7, Gemini FirstMix, Gemini FirstMix I/O
  • Scripting support for scrolling artist-title text on controllers with lcd/displays
  • Various minor bugfixes

New in v3.0.4

  • support for 8 new controllers
  • improved timecode in absolute mode
  • Key stepper
  • enhanced video engine speed

New in v3.0.2

  • video mixing with previewing (including pitch, break, scratch on video)
  • automatic key detection (perfect for harmonic mixing)
  • advanced support for external mixers
  • Karaoke CDG support (mp3+cdg, zip)
  • scan/import files/folders in the background
  • auto-cueing (auto mix in/out points detection)
  • color mark tracks, filter by Audio/Video/Karaoke type
  • instant loops -- right click and hold on the loop's 1, 2, 4, 8
  • pitch scaling for harmonic/key mixing
  • aveform markers for cue points, loop, mix in/out
  • browser and playlists iTunes integration
  • hot CUE points functions and gradual pitch bend

New in v2.0.3

  • support for Karaoke CDG files (mp3 + cdg files)
  • FLAC support (lossless audio format)
  • additional previewing/monitoring audio device for Mac version (automatic aggregate device creation)
  • fixed ASIO audio freeze bug (appeared especially when using BCD2000/3000 controllers)
  • speed improvements for AMD processors
  • lots of stability improvements

New in v2.0.2

  • Vestax VCI-100 support.
  • Up/down buttons in the playlist scroll bar.
  • Key value moves in exactly +/- 1 semitone when using shortcuts.
  • Key change label bug fixed.
  • Single shareware version (no more demo + full separate versions).
  • Several small bugs fixed.

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A very well-balanced DJ mixing software

I've been using the FutureDecks Pro for quite some time now. This DJ mixing software is for those that would like to take their DJ experience beyond that of a simple hobbie ! I really like the fact that you can connect hardware controllers and turntables ! I have a Hercules DJ Control Steel, which works perfectly with the FD Pro (there are many more controllers and MIDI devices that are compatible with this software). I was also very pleased with the Learn function, which lets you assign any buttons/knobs/sliders of the software directly to your hardware controller/keyboard.

I also like the dry/wet mix effect. It really enables a much smoother use of your effects, because now i can decide if i want to apply an effect in a subtle or pronounced manner. Moreover, this version is much more stable than the previous ones.

The design of the FutureDecks Pro is very slick and shiny. The number of buttons that this software has may seem overwhelming at first, but thanks to its ergonomic design, i quickly got accustomed to all of them

As a con, i'd have to say that sometimes the BPM detection isn't as accurate with some songs (this happened in rare occasions), and thus you have to press the Sync button quite often in order to keep it synchronized with the other track. Other than that, i'm really pleased with all of its features.

FutureDecks Pro Profile!

I downloaded the demo version of FutureDecks Pro v1.05. It has a great sound. It should work really well for Windows XP/Vista. The demo is good for 20 minutes, more time is needed to really get into the program. I had to re-open the program several times to get the hand of it.

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