FuzzMeasure Pro v3.2.2
by SuperMegaUltraGroovy
(SuperMegaUltraGroovy Website)

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File Size: 4.4 MB
Price: USD 150
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Requires Mac OS X Leopard 10.5

Last Updated: 2010-08-19
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Software Description

Capture the dynamics of your audio system in a quick and straightforward manner. Using commercial off the shelf audio hardware, you can record your own high-quality acoustical and electrical measurements of audio signals. FuzzMeasure is designed to make measurements as easy and accurate as possible.

FuzzMeasure was developed exclusively for Mac OS X with Cocoa and CoreAudio technologies. By leveraging Cocoa, FuzzMeasure looks and works just like the rest of the applications you're already using on your Mac. Using CoreAudio, FuzzMeasure will operate with all sorts of audio hardware. You can achieve very good results with standard low-cost USB audio devices, but if you choose, you're welcome to use FuzzMeasure with any high-powered, high-precision audio interface for even higher-quality measurements.

Ease Of Use
FuzzMeasure was designed to be accessible to all users ranging from hobbyists to professionals. From the beginning, FuzzMeasure was never aimed at being a toy measurement product. Under the hood, FuzzMeasure is crunching numbers just as any expensive scientific computation package would. Because FuzzMeasure was designed using the Mac OS X Cocoa API, providing a rich feature set and seamless user experience was easy enough that the majority of the development time could be spent perfecting the signal processing algorithms.

You'll quickly notice that FuzzMeasure looks and acts just like all the other applications on your Mac. As a result, you may find that FuzzMeasure never gets in the way of capturing your measurements. FuzzMeasure is always working on your side, allowing you to focus your time on using it, rather than learning how to use it.

Measurement Quality
For the majority of users, it suffices to say that you are able to produce high-quality measurements of rooms and loudspeakers using low-cost, commercial off the shelf equipment. For acoustical measurements, all that is required is a microphone, a preamplifier for the microphone (also known as +48V phantom power — see your device's specifications for details), and an audio device that supports both recording and playback (this functionality is built into many of Apple's computers).

Of course, if you wish to purchase high-quality measurement hardware, FuzzMeasure allows you to benefit from the increased resolution of your audio device. If you have a device that can handle a 96kHz sampling rate and 24bit sample depth, FuzzMeasure will most certainly take advantage of that fact. Using CoreAudio, FuzzMeasure can access all the power that your audio device has to offer. FuzzMeasure has been tested to work at sample rates of up to 192kHz at a resolution of 24bits.

Absolutely gorgeous output
Do you ever notice how many loudspeaker manufacturers still produce graphs for their product literature using bitmapped screenshots that have been scaled up and blurred as a result? Even worse are the DOS application screenshots that plague many a manufacturer's website! Those days are over!

FuzzMeasure draws its graphs using the Quartz system in MacOS X. As a result, you're able to export PDF files that can be enlarged to whatever size you wish without ruining the quality at all! You can also print full-sized pages with your FuzzMeasure graphs that will surely beat any other screenshot out there.

If you're not happy with FuzzMeasure's choice of colors or line styles, you can copy and paste your graph into one of the many vector-friendly graphics applications and modify it to match your own published literature.

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