G-Player v2.1.4
by Soundlib
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VSTi/AU/RTAS host application. Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Last Updated: 2016-05-02
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Software Description

G-Player is designed to be a native "Giga player" for Mac OS X.

G-Player is capable of playing large orchestral sound libraries and can do dimensions, disk streaming, layered instruments and keyswitches.


  • No conversion required: Save time and disk space, G-Player plays directly all your Giga sound libraries without any conversion. Complex features such as dimensions, keyswitches and layered instruments are natively supported.
  • Disk Streaming: Only the initial portion of each sample is loaded into the computer's memory, while the rest of the sample is streamed from the hard disk. This allows you to play instruments that are larger than the available memory.
  • Easy Parameter Editing: The most commonly used sample parameters are directly accessible on the main window. For example, you can decrease or increase the release time of all the samples with just one knob.
  • 24-bit Support: G-Player can play and stream 24-bit sample libraries and uses a 32-bit floating point audio engine.
  • Memory Management: To reduce memory usage, all instances of G-Player will share the allocated resources and samples. If two G-Player instances use the same sample, it will only be loaded once.
  • Multi-Layer crossfade: G-Player can play layered instruments with up to 8 layers of crossfade. Each layer's crossfade is defined by 4 points which precisely determine the fade in and fade out segments. This feature is used by the most prestigious Giga sound libraries and is natively supported by G-Player.

New in 2.1.4:

  • Bugfix for some GUI problems with Pro Tools 10.3.7.
  • Add GigaStudio Keygroups.

New in 2.0.1:

  • The standalone version has 8 MIDI ports and is therefore able to support up to 96 MIDI channels.
  • A 16 track audio mixer with built-in Compressor, EQ and support for 2 external effect plug-ins. All parts are now routed to the audio mixer.
  • A new G-Sound utility that scan your hard drives and build a database of all your Giga files.
  • The stack icon in the toolbar has been replaced by individual stack buttons for each part.
  • The VCA and VCF can be adjusted for each part in a stack.
  • The part order in a stack can be modified by simply dragging one part up or down.
  • The built-in keyboard displays the notes played on an external keyboard or MIDI track.
  • Each part has a new pitch transpose control.

New in 1.3:

  • 64bit support

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Logic's miserable EXS and giga file failure

I have been using giga files with Logic's EXS sampler without problems for years. Then, I updated Logic to 9.1.8. Now EXS can't find giga files or it crashes Logic. I have searched forums for days trying to find answers. I've tried all the tricks - re-indexing with Spotlight, using a prior version of Logic, and virtually everything else - even disk utility (repairing permissions) which it did not need.

My Giga files reside on an external drive with an alias inserted into the correct folder: User/Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments.

All my factory sounds load and perform without issue in EXS. Occasionally, a giga file will load and play properly but it is intermittent. Sometimes that same file will crash Logic. Sometimes it gives me a message saying the file cannot be found.

I have a lot of other software choices with which to work so I'm not dead in the water. In fact, most of my giga files are redundant. But I paid thousands for them and a big chunk of dough to Apple for this computer and this Logic Software which is advertised to work. It doesn't work and Apple is being negligent in refusing to talk about it.

This G-player looks good but I am hesitant because I am in denial. Someone somewhere MUST have a solution or at least an explanation. Apple won't help because the Apple Care Warranty on my Mac Pro expired so they won't talk to me.




Mac Pro 3,1, 2.8Ghz Dual quad, 16 Gigs Ram, Mac OS x 10.6.8, Logic V.9.1.8

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