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Last Updated: 2011-11-16
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Software Description

Gobbler is a professional audio backup platform.

Gobbler is designed to meet the demands of professionals who build, manage and store large audio files. It is designed to help you face three common problems: lost work (due to damaged hardware, theft, or human error), lengthy transfer times caused by production of large files, and the complexity of cataloging and collaborating with dispersed, unstructured data.

Designed for audio professionals, Gobbler offers the first comprehensive and easy solution for cataloging, vaulting, and sharing professional quality audio.

Gobbler features:

• Intelligent and secure cloud backup designed for audio files. The Gobbler system secures in-production and finished projects. Gobbler's "set it and forget it" backup will monitor and catalog files on all drives, internal and external, and reduce administrative demands on users. Gobbler also tracks projects as they progress, taking snapshots along the way that allow users to revert previous versions.

• Rapid file transfer with no size limitations. Gobbler's cloud-based collaboration system delivers sharing speeds that are up to 22.5x faster than current methodologies with no limits on file size.
Gobbler's rapid file transfer system is built for handling GB's of data and only sends changes back and forth while maintaining the history and integrity of every file. Users simply enter an email address, select a file, and send.

• Content Management System (CMS) tracks the location of all data in one place. The Gobbler CMS builds a catalog that tracks a user's audio stored on any drive, plugged-in or offline, so users with multiple drives of data never lose track of their work. The system incorporates geo and meta-tagging, and allows users to organize projects in a variety of ways, making it easier then ever to manage large data sets.

New in 0.9.7

  • Send To Public option - public downloads are counted as part of your transfer quota.
  • Keychain security option
  • Bug Fixes and improvements, details about the update is available at Gobbler.com

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