Groove Detective 1.1
by CPU Productions
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Operating System:
File Size: 13.9 MB
Price: USD 65
License Conditions:

Unrestricted for 30 days as a trial demo. After that a License will be required for $65.00

System Requirements:

Minimum screen size: 800 x 720. DirectX (June 2010) end user, Visual C++ redistributable - If you have trouble running then install thsese from

Last Updated: 2011-03-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Groove Detective solves the problem of having your percussion loops stored in multiple folders by analyzing all the loops you have and consolidating all the data in a single searchable database, it no longer matters where the loop is stored!

Groove Detective is based on advanced DSP analysis of the audio in the loops. It will find the exact location of the hits in three loosely defined categories: kick drum, snare drum and hihat as well as obtain a detailed descriptor of the sound characteristics of each hit. This information is placed in a database with a sophisticated indexing system allowing you to find what you’re looking for almost instantaneously.

File formats: all non-loss audio, REX, ACID, Apple Loops, MP3, WMA, MIDI


  • Input a pattern, hit Search, and get a list of all the loops in your collection that matches. Add ‘sounds like’ for more precision.
  • Audition the search results, find one you like and drag it into your DAW or paste the path where you need it.
  • No more fiddling around your loop folders: get it now!
  • Analysis 100% automated.
  • Maintains the database automatically.
  • Searches very large collections in milliseconds.
  • All commonly used file formats supported.

New in v1.1

  • This version has a significantly improved analysis and detection engine. In particular, careful attention has been paid to 'non-standard' acoustic drum loops. It now has a much higher recognition percentage for loops with high compression rates, deliberate signal distortion and 'unusual' drum sounds.
  • Other new improvements include various Midi enhancements/additions and a new folder browser you can open with one right-click on the Result window. The resulting 'Play' window will show all the loops that are in the same folder as the loop you clicked on.

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If dir is renamed WILL run

If dir is renamed WILL run

Downloaded on 9 March; can't

Downloaded on 9 March; can't find sounds, it's looking in C:\Docs&Settings...\Groove Detective\Sounds\
C:\Docs&Settings...\Groove Detective Midi\Sounds\

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