Guitar Tuner 2.0
by Lisa Gade
(Lisa Gade Website)

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Last Updated: 1998-05-01
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Software Description

The original "Guitar Tuner", a Java applet, became so popular that I decided to write a Mac program so folks wouldn't have to connect to the 'Net with the browser of their choice just to use the Tuner. Guitar Tuner uses a visual metaphor which mimics an handheld electronic tuner, and plays the 6 notes of the guitar at standard tuning. The notes were recorded into a PowerMac from a Martin acoustic tuned A=440 with a quartz tuner. Because the notes are guitar pitches, rather than digitally generated pitches, they may be easier to use since they share a common tonality and timbre.

Click on the radio note below the note you wish to hear. Ain't that easy?

Enjoy! It's Freeware. This may be distributed on CDROM.

- Lisa Gade

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very good software

System Requirements

Hey, I downloaded the tuner and it says I don't have a viewer capable of viewing and I have like ten. What do I need to view it.

gtr tuner

wont download

Re: gtr tuner

: wont download

guitar tuner

IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!

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