by Luigi Agostini
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Minimum 32MB RAM

Last Updated: 2002-02-02
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Software Description

IMEASY (Integrated Modular Expandable Spatialisation sYstem) is a professional real-time spatialization system based on a PCI audio processing card with 4 SHARC 21065L processors, driven by a 3D Windows NT/2000 user Interface. The optical ADAT IN and OUT ports make easier the choice between most of the converters in the market, from the cheapest Frontier Design up to the cost effective Apogee Electronics. IMEASY drives in real time up to sixteen incoming audio signals as free, independent "audio movements" around the 3D space, following the trajectories created directly by the user in the 3D environment in a very simple and quick way. In order to raise the number of input and output channels it is possible to add more cards. The software allows to edit and export the trajectories, the hard disk recording playback of the samples needed in the project, and the exact positioning (to the centimeter) of the speaker in theatres, discotheques, parks game, or perfect integration of the " audio movement " in the scene 3d of a video game. The software interface can be synchronized via MTC/SMPTE/WC. The trajectories can be as well exported to be edited on any user-preferred software (i.e. as MIDI events in a sequencer). One future MacOS version (April 2002) has been already planned, and will permit to use the software in DirectConnect with the ProTools mixer even on a simple Digi001.

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