IR1A v2.5
by MellowMuse
(MellowMuse Website)

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Registration: US$49.00

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VST/AU/RTAS host application.

Last Updated: 2010-07-08
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Software Description

IR1A is a general purpose convolution plug-in that can load 16bit/24bit mono or stereo AIFF or WAV files. Great for anything from natural room ambiences and reverb to guitar cabinets and special FX.

IR1A comes with a selection of IRs, including reverbs, room ambience and guitar cabinets. As it loads standard AIFF/WAV files its easy to create your own or take advantage of the many free IRs available on the internet.


  • Efficient 4096 sample latency mode for IRs up to 10 seconds at 44.1 (480,000 samples).
  • Zero latency mode for use with short guitar cab IRs etc (256 samples).
  • IR length control (for gating style effects).
  • File browser and loading.
  • IR Predelay 0-250ms.
  • IR Highpass filter.
  • IR Lowpass filter.
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