Intervals 0.4 beta
by Squish the Squid Productions
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Mac OS 10.2 or later.

Last Updated: 2004-05-31
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Software Description

A piece of software to drill you on your musical intervals. Why did I build it? I found, when learning them myself, that the other free software alternatives out there are not very flexible or re-enforcing of the learning process.

What can it do that others can't? Well, for instance, at this early stage, the app (built using Max/MSP) can start with a tonic randomly selected from between any two pitches you specify and give you a random interval up or down up to the octave which can be repeated as many times as one desires in either melodic or harmonic fashion. When a guess is ventured by the user, the interval will be repeated whether the guess was wrong or right to reinforce the aural learning process. Even after a correct answer is received, you can still replay the interval to say 'THIS is what a minor 6th sounds like!', instead of the program going on to the next interval right away, messing with your ear.

Also, all notes are played through MIDI, using a synthesizer of the user's choice - so if you have a nice synth, you can use it (this means if you don't have one, you can start with a free soft synth like Synthtest or Simplesynth). I have also included a virtual keyboard to be played with the mouse at any time to test intervals, etc.

More features are in the works and suggestions are welcome.

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intervals software

Hi there.
Unfortunately this page cannot be found.
I 've been trying for the last month to download Intervals but I never manage to load the page.

Re: intervals software

: Hi there.
: Unfortunately this page cannot be found.
: I 've been trying for the last month to download Intervals but I never manage to load the page.

uh, sorry - it should work fine
and intervals has not been out for a month - I just released it this week! sorry for any inconvenience!


Re: intervals software

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how does it work ?



how does it work ?


Re: interval - how it works

: how does it work ?

: thanks
: alessandro

sorry if is unclear. Intervals does not make sound by itself. It must be connected to a MIDI synth, either software of hardware. To connect to a softsynth is very easy, but many people do not know how to do it. All you need to do is set the MIDI out port of intervals to one of the "from intervals 0.2" ports from the popup menu. Then go to your softsynth and select the same port as the in. Done. A hardware synth is configured in the same manner - just select its MIDI port in intervals as the MIDI out. I did it this way because I wanted to ear-train at high quality.

Now press the big blue button that says "click for new interval" on he left. (or hit "x" on the keyboard. Spacebar or pink button will replay. To change numeric values click and drag up or down, or simply click and type. Voila!

thank you for trying it out!


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