JAMMER Professional v6.0
by Soundtrek
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System Requirements:

MIDI-compatible sound card or MIDI synthesizer

Last Updated: 2008-12-02
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Software Description

JAMMER Pro is the ultimate automated music composition software for Windows. JAMMER automatically creates everything from rock solid drum beats and original bass lines to full professional arrangements of drums, bass, keyboards, guitars, strings, brass, and more, all under your control.

At the heart of JAMMER Pro is the "Real Feel" composition engine which takes advantage of the latest advancements in computer assisted music composition. By analyzing and compiling the tonality and dynamics of live MIDI recordings, JAMMER is able to compose original music that captures the feel of your playing and that of professional musicians around the world.

JAMMER is known the world over for its power and flexibility but most of all for creating high quality original parts that sound just like they were written and recorded by professional studio musicians. Put yourself in the producer's chair in JAMMER's 256 track studio and start creating music like never before.

Ask the bass player to play a smooth walking blues line with a little bit of funk blended in. Ask the drummer to play a funk beat with a syncopated snare. Ask the the piano player to play some simple chords or arpeggios. You tell the studio musicians what you want, and then listen as JAMMER's musicians cranks out thousands of beautiful original parts for you to choose from. JAMMER's studio musicians are the best in the business. And they're ready to jam with you 24 hours a day giving you an endless supply of solid drums, smooth bass lines, beautiful rhythms, and even chord progressions, melodies and harmonies if you need them.

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  • Create New Band Styles Automatically create a new Band style using the new Style Builder tool by pointing and clicking to add Musicians to the style.
  • Edit Band Styles You can now easily add or change the musicians in an existing Band style. Use the new Style Builder tool and simply point and click to add or change a Musician.
  • Create New Band Styles from MIDI Now create a new Band style from selected tracks in a MIDI file using the new MIDI to Style tool.
  • 2600 Musician Styles Choose from a large library of musicians when creating your own custom Band styles.
  • 2900 Groove Styles Choose from a large library of musician grooves when creating your own custom Musicians.
  • New Easy to use Tutorials New tutorials get you up to speed with JAMMER Pro's new tools in no time.
  • Improved, easier to use interface for mixing and adding Grooves and Transitions to Musicians.
  • New Style Editor tool bar provides easier access to existing features as well as some new items making style editing easier.
  • Easier navigation between different views (Tracks, Measures, Style Editor).
  • Grooves, Transitions and Riffs can be automatically soloed and composed when Alt clicking in the Style Tree or when Alt clicking on a Weight Fader.
  • On the Musician's Grooves page you can now force a particular drum note (kick, snare etc) for riffs used by drum Musicians.
  • Improved revoicing control for Riffs.
  • Easier setting of riff length on the Riff's Main page.
  • Force all of a Musician's Grooves to be wild cards. This allows you to use the timing and feel from existing riffs but have JAMMER determine the individual note pitches.
  • Automatically assign a Band Style to measure when pasting from the clipboard in the Style Editor.
  • Adding a Musician now automatically assigns it to a track.
  • Quickly change between Velocity, Pitch Wheel, Expression and Hold Pedal controllers in the Piano Roll view via a new Piano Roll tool bar item.
  • Can now edit the properties of multiply selected notes in the Piano Roll.
  • New hot keys added to the track and riff Piano Rolls for quick adjustment of note duration, velocity and start time.
  • Tempo can be incremented and decremented by a value of 10 by right clicking on the + and - buttons.
  • New Tracks View tool bar with new features and functionality.
  • Tracks View pan now uses a horizontal fader.
  • New riff compile types (Wildcard 1 or 5, Scale Tone Offset, Offset from Last Note).
  • Added notification in riff editor pages when a riff is not compiled.
  • Comments / lyrics are now exported to Standard MIDI files.
  • Internal changes made to the composition engine for better sounding compositions.
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