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Software Description

Kool Karaoke Studio 2 has been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase or download.

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Trying to download Kool Karaoke Studio 2

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Date/Time 24-Oct-09 05:44 AM

Re: Trying to download Kool Karaoke Studio 2

It seems that the program is no longer available.

i currently have a cavs

i currently have a cavs player, that has all my cdg files stored on a usb, would like a program for my pc that plays cdg format. instead of usb and player.

Kool Karaoke licenses

I have over 200 songs that I have purchased. I backed them up on CD along with the program.
When I re-installed the program I receive a message that I require the song licenses.
When I go to the kool karoke website a message tells me that the site is closed and links to "sing snap".
When I asked them about the licenses I find out they are no longer available.
So what do I do with all my songs?
I don't think much of Kool Karaoke support!

download license

window comes up that says that i need a new license in order to play karaoke music

Re: download license

: window comes up that says that i need a new license in order to play karaoke music

That usually means that your trial period is over and you have to buy the full registered version - you can do that at <a href="http://www.koolkaraokestudio.com/">www.koolkaraokestudio.com/</a>

Modifying a laptop to perform as a kareoke machine

Re: Modifying a laptop to perform as a kareoke machine

i am from mexico, hello, i need information about this software, and if you can send me this kareoke. thank you.

Kool Karaoké

Merci d'avoir une page web très COOL!!!!

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