Liquid Electric Bass v1.1.0.7
by ueberschall
(ueberschall Website)

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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/ME/98
File Size: -
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Windows 98SE, XP, 512 MB RAM minimum, Pentium 800 MHz minimum, RTAS - DirectX - VST- or can be used StandAlone.

Last Updated: 2006-06-02
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Software Description

The L.I.S. bass edition contains a great range of styles played on 78' Musicman Stingray, 77' Fender Jazz Bass (Maple neck) and 62' Fender Jazz Bass (Fretless). Stylistically, the bandwith spans funk, soul, disco, house, pop, rock, beat through jazz, nu jazz, latin brazil, styles up to downtempo, lounge and easy listening and many more.


  • control audio material as simply as midi data
  • change notes within the phrase
  • adapt tempo and key
  • select from a wide range of musical scales
  • control all parameters in realtime
  • pre-screening with adapted pitch and tempo
  • easily generate your individual setup
  • high quality Melodyne technology
  • multiple content management
  • edit start and ending
  • quick sound browser
  • all parameters midi controllable
  • sync to host
  • great bandwidth of styles
  • highest quality recording equipment
  • played by the best studio musicians

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hey eric

you rock eric clapton!!!!!!!!

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