MIDI Companion 2.0r1
by Ravenware Software
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Mac OS X version 10.3 and later

Last Updated: 2005-02-28
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Software Description

The MIDI Companion is your remote interface to the best keyboards in existence, the Kurzweil K2500/K2600/K2661! And witht he Mac OS X version, it will be expanding to other synths!

The Companion allows you to control your K2500/K2600/K2661 from your Macintosh. This both saves wear and tear on the K2500/K2600 buttons (which are known to be sensitive) and it allows you to work more efficiently.

Take the simplest task on your Kurzweil. You've just created a new program, or layed down the first track in a sequence. The K2500/K2600 wants a name for this new object, and you sit there for 5 minutes spinning the data wheel or pecking at the keypad to enter "Rad Piano" or "Techno Song".

Forget it! Now just reach over to your Mac keyboard and type on a normal keyboard!

And that's just the start. The Companion allows you to see your K2500/K2600screen remotely, allows you to enter numeric data for things like frequencies, select programs from a complete, searchable list instead of 8 crowded lines, export the list of objects in your machine, and more and more!

The Companion also adds some additional MIDI controllers, a ribbon, an X-Y touchpad, and so on.

And the Companion is growing monthly. We use this at Ravenware to manage our K2500/K2600 in real music production, so when things get in the way of making music we'll improve the Companion to overcome the roadblock.

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