MMultiBandDynamics 10
by MeldaProduction
(MeldaProduction Website)
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Price: EUR 149
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Demo generates noise from time to time, opens medlaproduction website on start-up and contains a clickable region, that opens the said website Registration: $204.00

System Requirements:

VST/AU host application. Intel/AMD processor, SSE2 & multi-core

Last Updated: 2016-07-04
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

MMultiBandDynamics is an advanced multiband dynamics processor with a clear sound. It was designed originally for mastering, however, due to its high performance and zero latency, it is also suitable for any mixing purpose.


  • 1-6 fully configurable independent bands built on a perfectly transparent crossover with fully adjustable limits and input gains.
  • 2 independent compressor/expander units with ratios from 1:4 to 20:1 and infinity, adjustable range and knee.
  • Advanced gate unit with adjustable size and knee.
  • Custom processing shape - by enabling this feature MMultiBandDynamics immediately inherits original processing envelope and you can modify it using the MeldaProduction envelope system (MES) technology, that lets you easily create any dynamic processing shape you like. MDynamics is very fast even for complicated shapes.
  • Advanced and easy-to-use user interface. You can easily change all values and gain maximal accuracy using textual editing. Smooth visualization of resulting response with almost unlimited zooming.
  • Advanced dynamic detector featuring manual and 4 automatic modes with adjustable limits and speed. Besides standard attack and release parameters MMultiBandDynamics provides peak/RMS settings and peak hold feature.
  • Unique temporary gain feature provides a way to control amount of compression while keeping output level stable.
  • Actual source level indication inside the shape graph - you always know what dynamic value you can actually expect on the input and output, and what gain-reduction MMultiBandDynamics performs.
  • Adjustable up-sampling 1x-4x to minimize aliasing and get even more clear sound.
  • Signal maximization - compressors actually lower the signal above threshold. MMultiBandDynamics can compensate the reduction to ensure, that if the source has reached 0dB, the result will too.
  • 3 signal shaping modes, dry/wet control and other supportive parameters that ease your workflow with MMultiBandDynamics.
  • 64-bit processing and unlimited sampling rate, recommended maximum is 384kHz. MMultiBandDynamics has low harmonic distortion.
  • Global preset management - using a title button you can save your settings, which are shared on the computer, so you can easily access them in other songs.
  • Optimized for SSE and SSE2 processors.
  • Full automation (except custom shapes).

Changes in v10

  • Added support for all relevant audio formats on OSX (m4a, aac, aifc etc.)
  • Added offline processing support for maximizing quality when rendering.
  • Improved VST3 Support.
  • Various interface improvements and tweaks to both controls and graphs.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Changes in v9.12
    • Text input now accepts ',' as decimal mark.
    • Bugfix for change of latency reporting
    • Bugfix for type button in band list of parametric equalizers not working

    Changes in v8.04

    • Enhanced performance - Mac
    • Better visual response of metering systems, mainly sonograms
    • Better preset window layout
    • Show loudness maximum to all loudness meters via switch
    • Store loudness meter settings
    • EnhancedADSR editor
    • Bugfix for Hacked ProTools bug, which makes the host freeze when the style wizard has been shown during startup.
    • Bugfix for a rare crash when a progress window has been displayed.
    • Bugfix for Custom ADSR attack/release editor behaving incorrectly.
    • Bugfix for Signal generator transformation harmonics not updating immediately.
    • Bugfix for Meters not initialized after opening the projects when non-default settings have been saved.
    • Removed several potential bottlenecks, that could cause lags with low-latency processing.

    Changes in v8.02

    • All file selectors now select the file drag & dropped from system explorer.
    • Randomizing subsection of a plugin now always keeps it enabled.
    • Improved side-chain support for Bidule VST.
    • Bugfix for crashing whena malfunctioning font was present on the system.
    • Bugfix for system exception in the beginning on some rare machines.
    • Bugfix for active presets not updating.
    • Bugfix for plugins and popups resizing outside of screen.

    Changes in v8.0

    • Added true hold mode to improve hold behaviour
    • Improved GUI engine, now resizable with several new styles, improved style settings and style wizard.
    • Added super-fast attack mode to further increase compressor speed
    • Upgraded user interfaces for easier and quicker workflow.
    • GPU accelerated drawing conserves CPU resources, leaving more for audio processing.
    • New metering engine for most plugins, providing both classical metering and versatile time graphs.
    • Added external side-chain capability
    • Sliders & knobs now provide text edit window on double-click.
    • Better VST3 and AU support, including overall compatibility, latency updating, user interfaces etc.
    • Ctrl+arrow now detects words in text input fields.
    • New exhaustive documentations are available from the website.
    • Bugfix for audition side-chain not working correctly when spectral smoothing was enabled.
    • Bugfix for Resizing not working after switch of style or sliders/knobs/buttons.
    • Bugfix for a few envelope modes that could lead to a crash.
    • Bugfix for Signal generator that could generate slightly incorrect shapes in some extreme settings.
    • Bugfix for AU versions, they now correctly update latency when changed due to settings (upsampling, LP crossover...).

    Changes in v7.10:

    • Now up to 32 multiparameter bank modes.
    • Bugfix for Multiparameter window size

    Changes in v7.07:

    • Now reports latency immediately when its changed
    • Added a global plugin reset button, which restarts playback and updates latency.
    • Enhanced and optimized oscillator shape modulation.
    • Added AGC Set button, which sets output gain to make the output match input loudness for all plugins, where it is possible.
    • Added harmonic generator for oscillators, number of harmonics increased to 256.
    • Added "reset default editor size and style" feature.
    • Plugins were lagging when saving.
    • For 1in2out the plugins now perform mono->stereo conversion.
    • Improved equalizer band points for better visibility.
    • Added "tuplets" synchronization to all modulation effects & modulators.
    • Improved MIDI reset for modulators.
    • Added MIDI reset to modulation plugins.
    • Added MIDI learn to multiparameters.
    • BugFix: Improved pitch detection accuracy.
    • BugFix: Fixed a few denormalization issues causing high CPU usage in some plugins.
    • BugFix: Sometimes couldn't be activated after migration between systems or system malfunction.

    Changes in v7.04:

    • Enhanced GUI
    • Adjust oscillator phase by dragging the graph or fine-tune using mouse-wheel.
    • New Speed parameter to pitch detector.
    • New virtual keyboard to all edits.
    • New multiparameter reorder feature.
    • Bugfix for activation failure bug
    • Bugfix for file dialogs issue
    • Bugfix for crash issue on 64-bit platforms in projects exceeding 4GB.
    • Bugfix for Note controllers not working.
    • Bugfix for Pitch-bend detection accuracy
    • Bugfix for modulator/multiparameter learn parameters.

    New in v7.01:

    • Reorganized MIDI settings and added more note controllers.
    • Modulate or automate Up to 4 parameter ranges of each modulator/multiparameter.
    • Added global MIDI controller switch to prevent problems reset MIDI messages.
    • Added "velocity" MIDI controller.
    • Added transformation "Phase" to all oscillators.
    • Several graph editors now support snap-to-grid.
    • When modulator is disabled by automation or modulation, it may optionally restore original parameter values.
    • AGC algorithm now prevents initial spikes when presets are changed in some plugins.
    • Bugfix for Band input gains for bands 4-6 when using analog crossover.
    • Added decay parameter to all analyzers

    Changes in v7.00:

    • Smart randomization algorithm
    • Added AGC (automatic gain control)
    • Added lots of presets for most creative plugins.
    • Ultra-advanced follower borrowed from MDynamics engine is now used in every modulator
    • Oscillators can now load custom samples (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
    • Ctrl+click on a "Presets" button loads a random preset.
    • Added global modulator switch, presets and randomizer.
    • Added band presets and band randomizer for multiband plugins.
    • Added signal generator shape menu images, presets and randomizer.
    • Switched to VST3 3.51.
    • Added Hold parameter for the modulator follower mode.
    • All momentary & short-term loudness meters now have maximum value indicator.
    • Delay mode is now "classic" by default.
    • BugFix: A few compatibility issues, upgraded to VST 3.51.
    • BugFix: Analyzers didn't work correctly in left + right mode.

    Changes in v6.01:

    • Plugin settings storage optimized for lower size and higher speed.
    • Multiple modulator & multiparameter windows can now be open at once.
    • Added "OnOff" mode into MIDI note controllers and increased their number.
    • Default modulation wheel for dry/wet is now disabled due to problems with some hosts e.g. Sonar X1.
    • Automated Vocoder, Waveshaper, Dynamics, Freeform equalizer, Spectral dynamics,
    • Automated Rhythmizer (first 4 sequences of each type), Granular (first 4 transformations) graphs.
    • Added predefined directories and drives in all directory trees.
    • Multiband peakmeters now occupy more space for better visibility.
    • Added range to MIDI note controllers.
    • LU meters in integrated mode now provide the gating algorithm according to the EBU standard.
    • Added band expand for all multiband plugins.
    • Loudness meters now highlight the -1..+1 LU target region.
    • MModernCompressor - added another auto-compression button which doesn't change attack/release/rms.
    • BugFix: A few plugins were crashing in knob mode.
    • BugFix: Band editor collapse button is now visible only in edit mode, not in active presets screen.
    • BugFix: Smoothness didn't update in MAutoDynamicEq unless analyzer/sonogram was enabled.
    • BugFix: MIDI controller presets didn't load and update immediately.
    • BugFix: Advanced convolution kernel settings may not have been working properly.
    • BugFix: Mouse wheel didn't move much with high-resolution mouses.
    • BugFix: Crossover bands moved to the left made them immovable.

    New in v6.00beta:

    • Interface and memory enhancements
    • Knob based interfaces
    • New "double" envelope shape type
    • Analyzer & sonogram can now optionally be enabled even when the GUI is hidden
    • A-H presets now send automation when changed.
    • MIDI note controllers now react on pitch-bend immediately.
    • Added second tape mode for flangers.
    • Added feedback phase invert and saturation for phasers.
    • Knob mode
    • Bugfix for not showing correct shapes for upwards expander.

    New in MMultiBandDynamics 3.02 for OSX:

    • Kernel highly optimized, especially for plugins with visualization.
    • Added envelope editor snap-to-grid feature and advanced envelope editor menu.
    • Added stairs & pulses envelope point mode.
    • Band editor now shows band limits when the mouse is over one.
    • Plugins are now temporarily bypassed for time consuming actions such as loading presets.
    • Now the plugins released in bundles can also accept single plugin licences for easier installation and activation.
    • Fix: Multiband plugins kept a single band enabled even if set to disabled.
    • Fix: Occasional freezing under problematic hosts such as Wavelab.
    • Fix: Multiband limiter and dynamics master reduction meter was measuring even disabled bands.
    • Fix: Mono/stereo encoding was sometimes failing in Logic.
    • Fix: Copy&paste of modulators could result in a hang.
    • Fix: Installer could hang on some multiprocessor systems.
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