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Registration:US $35.00

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Runs on any Macintosh computer model that can read a High-Density floppy disk, and it is fully compatible with Mac Operating Systems 7.x and 8.x.

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For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

MacGAMUT 2003 for Mac and Windows, introduces a major new Rhythmic Dictation component and many other enhancements. As with MacGAMUT 2000, we ship both the Mac and Windows versions of MacGAMUT software together on a single CD-ROM. Users can move freely between the two platforms, and the software keeps a single set of statistics for each user in a separate personal startup file downloaded from this website. The $35 suggested retail price remains unchanged for MacGAMUT 2003 (no price increase since 1996!), continuing our long-standing policy of improving and enhancing MacGAMUT software without increasing the price. You still get maximum flexibility in where and when you can use MacGAMUT software, and you get all the new features of the latest MacGAMUT release, but you pay no more!

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Does MacGamut run on system OS X?

Ear Training

I'm a stusent on an BMus(Hons) at Newcastle college for Jazz. Delighted there is ear training for Mac at last. I use Earobics in college but need something at home. Rythmn section in Earobics is also very good. Any update please let me know at the above.

Re: Ear Training

I am a student at PCC-Cascade in Portland, Or., studying for my Proffessional-Commercial certificate and would like to brush up my ear rythmn training..... Help!

Just Visiting

Hello! Just Visiting The WebSite!
Hope you both have a great day today!!
11/17/2000 @ 929Am.



Is it possible to edit your own chords (which are not in the program, put them in one file and have the program asking them all over the keyboard?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Philip Baumgarten

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