Mandelbrot Drummer 2.0
by AnthonSJaques
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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2012-03-01
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Software Description

Mandelbrot Drummer is a drum machine, rhythm maker plugin that works via MIDI sequencing.

Mandelbrot generates MIDI not audio so you need a second plug-in of your choice which will provide the drum sounds. You need to set up these drum plug-ins before using the Mandelbrot Drummer.
Struggling to find interesting rhythms to make your music stand out from the crowd? Looking for inspiration for your next project? Mandelbrot Drummer seeks out the fascinating rhythms hidden away in the beautiful Mandelbrot fractal set. In Mandelbrot Drummer you use your eyes with your ears to discover a wealth of drum pattern variations which take you away from conventional time signatures.

Mandelbrot Drummer is a new way of creating rhythm patterns for your music. It uses the mathematics of the Mandelbrot fractal set to mimic the subtlety of feel of a human drummer. The program generates drum sequences automatically so you don't have to individually edit each MIDI event. You can quickly audition different elements of the drum kit to hear how the various sounds fit with the overall pattern.

This application is the first implementation of my idea to use Mandelbrot fractals to generate MIDI drum patterns. The program plays the patterns on any attached MIDI device, such as the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth or an external keyboard. The MIDI patterns can be saved to file for import to digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton Live, Cakewalk etc.


  • Quickly lay out drum patterns - much easier than a piano roll editor.
  • Easily vary velocity across the patterns - use Mandelbrot Fractals to alter velocity rhythmically.
  • Rapidly audition different sounds and placement of hits - experiment by nudging hits relative to each other.
  • Synchronize to your song with simple MIDI triggers.
  • Integrated with your DAW - save and restore using host presets.
  • Experiment with poly-rhythms and unusual time signatures.
  • Use it to play your favourite drum sounds.
  • Use it to create bass patterns too.
  • Includes example projects for Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio and Sonar.
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