MetaTrack v1.4
by U&I Software

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Operating System:
File Size: 1.55 MB
License Conditions:

Without a serial number metatrack will run in Demo mode. Although saving is disabled, the demo mode allows you to open a montage file and listen and modify the given examples.

System Requirements:

Power Macintosh or G3 computer 150 Mhz or faster running MacOS 7.3 or later with Sound Manager 3.1 or higher, minimum of 32 MB RAM.

Last Updated:
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

MetaTrack displays all sounds graphically using MetaSynth preset pictures and provides a unique visual approach to audio sequencing. Sounds are displayed not as waveforms but as sonograms and Metasynth pictures.

Some features:

  • 16 audio tracks
  • Special effects
  • Adjustable fades envelopes
  • 64 bits mixing
  • Graphic sound representation
  • Hot-linking to Metasynth

New in this version:

  • New hot links with MetaSynth via the new MetaSynth menu
  • New effects including 12-band Graphic EQ
  • Customizable reverb
  • Import/Export Effect Settings
  • New loop selection mode
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