MidSideMangler v2.2
by AudioTeknikk
(AudioTeknikk Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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VST host application.

Last Updated: 2011-10-21
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Software Description

MidSideMangler is a stereo effects tool that can do traditional LR panning, MS balance, and its special feature which is Mid panning and Side panning.

This plug-in will let you to do minor changes to the stereo image of your song, or if you want to you can rearrange it completely. It enables you to, for example, take a finished mix and move the centered vocal, bass and bass-drum and put them in the left channel and put the rest, that is left in stereo, to the right in the mix. There is a button to shift phase for the Mid section.

New in v2.20

  • New Interface
  • LR panning knob
  • MS balance knob
  • Mid panning knob
  • Side panning knob
  • Off/On switch
  • Ctrl + left mouse click to default knobs
  • Shift + left mouse click and drag to get precise knob movement

New in v2.0

  • Completely new GUI.
  • Removed phase button.
  • Changed behaviour of Side pan. Now it works correct.
  • Slightly optimized code to save CPU load.
  • Added 5 presets.
  • And some minor things.
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