Midibase 95 v3.0 Beta
by Dnote Software
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Operating System: Windows 95
File Size: 1.1 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
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Registration: US$15.00

System Requirements:

Windows 95 (not NT) Midi playback device. Windows 95/IE 3.x or less users need this file as well:http://home.wxs.nl/~dnote/software/files/40comupd.exe or

Last Updated: 2009-03-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Midibase enables you to index, view and playback your midifiles.

    A few of the features of Midibase 95 are:
  • Look and feel of Windows(r) Explorer
  • Uses flat file database that can easily be used in other apps
  • Add Artist, Title and Comments to the midifiles
  • Export and Import of filelistings to share and combine artist and title information
  • Automatically adds author information to midifiles
  • Karaoke, Catalog describing 800 files, zip support, mixer, midithru and much more...

This version of Midibase is in beta testing stage. If you do not wish to be a unvoluntairy tester of this software, please do not download it. However, if you decide to download this version please be aware of the fact that it still can contain (harmfull) bugs. At least make a backup of your Mibibase data before continuing. Any bugreports and suggestion are very much appreciated and maybe forwarded to Dnote Software at dnote@wxs.nl

This version of Midibase uses advanced Windows features which are not available in a standard Windows 95 (OSR2 as well) installation. Make sure you have version 4.72 of comctl32.dll on your system, (located in the windows\system folder, check by right clicking on it and choosing "Properties" from the popup menu, display the "Version" tab, check the number after "File Version:"). If your comctl32.dll appears to be older, then apply the 40comupd patch available on the Midibase download page or at the Microsoft site. (Internet Explorer 4.0 and Windows 98 users do not need to check nor update)

New in v3.0 Beta

  • New Features: Plugin architecture with Drummap, Programmap and VuMeter plugins
  • New Features: Marker combobox in which current marker is displayed and can be jumped to any marker during playback
  • New Features: Karaoke show/hide speedbutton
  • New Features: Quick-mute popup window + speedbutton
  • New Features: Panic speedbutton
  • New Features: "Big Time" window which displays the time and beat indicators in a larger, separate window + speedbutton
  • New Features: "/noplay" shell execution option, which prevents midibase from starting last midifile passed on the command line
  • New Features: Optional commandline parameters for external sequencer (menu Options|General)
  • New Features: Multiple extension/filetype support and configuration (menu Options|Extensions)
  • New Features: Export to Html (menu Database|Export)
  • New Features: Panorama knob in MidiMixer
  • Improvements: Changed Splash screen
  • Improvements: New Explorer-like filelist, including small, large, list and detailed view option
  • Improvements: Freely choosable source drive letter in map drive options
  • Improvements: Find from list interface and funcionality
  • Improvements: Mapping now visible in filenames
  • Improvements: Choose "Scan Directory" dialog improved (now contains Windows 95 directory tree)
  • Improvements: (Re-)scan now retrieves proper upper/lowercase characters from filename
  • Improvements: Selector refresh button
  • Improvements: Patch number in MidiMixer now displayed as program/msbank/lsbank
  • Improvements: Checks if .mid files are associated to Midibase
  • Bugfixes: Changes to the database when user has deleted files/refs now are saved
  • Bugfixes: Mapped files couldnt be added to a zip or copied anymore
  • Bugfixes: Mixer window position is now saved
  • Bugfixes: Delete/move file did not always remove the file
  • Bugfixes: Execution of .dat files and midifiles from Windows now works properly
  • Bugfixes: Database changed indication after moving files
  • Bugfixes: Changing forth and back first row in import dialog didnt display properly

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Does MidiBAse95 generate midiclocks?
If not any one know of any midi palyer that does?

Enjoy it...

After quite a while, I'm glad to have release this new version of midibase. Enjoy!

Dave - Dnote Software

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