Mobile Music Polyphonic v2.62
by Ringtone4Me
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Operating System: Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98
File Size: 3.50 MB
License: (All Shareware software)
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Exports the duration of four whole notes for music files. For audio, there's a three-second duration. Registration: US$29.95

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Last Updated: 2006-06-12
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Software Description

Mobile Music Polyphonic is a polyphonic ringtone composition and converting software. It can convert your favorite MIDI music to mobile phone ringtone. You can write your own music in Mobile Music Polyphonic and save to polyphonic ringtone format file.

It can save your music into standard MIDI, SP midi and SMAF format (*.mmf) file. You can convert mid to mmf, mmf (based on midi) to mid, standard midi to sp midi, wave to mmf, mp3 to mmf, mp3 to midi, wave to midi, wave to AMR, mp3 to AMR, amr to wave, amr to mp3, amr to wav and mp3 to wave file.


  • Compose your own music by click mouse, setup different key signature, clef and meter. Setup score tempo.
  • Seperate several midi channels from many complex channels midi file.
  • Can save part midi data from long complex midi file.
  • Setup music instrument to every midi channel.
  • Compose any complex music sheet, including channel position, volume, priority in sp-midi.
  • Convert midi to mmf, midi to sp-midi.
  • Convert wave to AMR, mp3 to AMR, AMR to wave, AMR to mp3, MP3/WAV/AMR to AWB (amr-wb).
  • Convert mp3 to mmf, wave to mmf, mp3 to midi/sp-midi, wave to midi/sp-midi and mp3 to wav
  • Convert wave to mp3, mp3 to wave format.
  • Convert between mp3, wave, amr, awb. And amr/awb to mmf format.

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: plz give me it


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